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10 Kid-friendly Yoga Poses

by Tina Bryant 31 May 2019

Kids need yoga as much as adults do. When children are at 1 year old, 2 years old or 5 years old, a yoga session is just an excuse for them to have fun with their mothers. From ages 6 and on, kids have more energy, and you can incorporate yoga into their everyday routine. Yoga helps children stay active and stay focused on what they're doing. From the Sanskrit word “yuji” that means “union”, yoga is one of those exercises that give us a union of both mind and body. Practicing yoga brings plenty of benefits for mental and physical health:

  • relieves anxiety;
  • improves heart health;
  • decreases stress;
  • increases strength;
  • can be an anti-depressant;
  • improves quality of life;
  • has positive effects on sleep quality;
  • improves breathing, flexibility & balance.

Here’s a list of kid-friendly yoga poses we recommend you. Choose simple and easy to do yoga postures for your little yoga buddy. Wear soft and funky printed yoga attire to feel comfy while doing yoga. Bright clothing will add more colors to that happy day when your baby girl joins you on the yoga mat.

1. Tree Pose - This pose teaches children the grace of a tree. It improves balance and concentration.


2. Cobra Pose - This is like a “Good morning” yoga for kids and it can be practiced everyday. It improves breathing.


3. Easy Pose - This is the simplest posture, and it’s good for the back.


4. Bridge Pose - This pose strengthens the back, stretches the hips and shoulders. Bridge posture makes the spine flexible.


5. Cat Pose - Relaxes and stretches the spine, neck, and the abdomen organs.


6. Bow Pose - This pose requires much strength of the back and legs but improves flexibility in the body.


7. Mountain Pose - This pose is a perfect choice if you want to calm children down. It’s like an inhale/exhale exercise we do after running or training. This posture is good for improving breathing.


8. Butterfly Pose - This pose is perfect if you want to dive into serenity and a meditation state. The butterfly posture will make you feel uplifted; you will flutter like a butterfly.


9. Lion Pose - Kids love practicing animal postures. They can сopy the animal’s behavior and roar like a lion. This pose is all about soothing your child.


10. Corpse Pose - It is the most effortless, but it requires patience. It can tend to get be boring for kids.


Enjoy doing yoga together! Namaste!

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