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11 Glam Hairstyles for Your Workout

by Tina Bryant 17 Apr 2019

You might be boring  wearing the same hairstyle each and every day to the gym. We put together 11 glamorous hairstyles for you to achieve your gym hair goals.

  1. High Bun

The bun is one of the most adaptable ways to wear hair. Hence it’s one of the most popular hairstyles girls love to wear for their workout. Putting your hair up in a high bun means you won’t be bothered by your hair covering your shoulders and tickling you while you’re working out. A high bun is very comfortable and it draws attention to your face.  

  1. Messy Bun

It’s the same hairstyle as a high bun, but easier to do. Put your hair up in a bun, but quickly, like you do every morning to do makeup or wash your face. Genius! Wonderfully uncomplicated and effortlessly chic. Workout-ready! A messy bun is the hottest bun hair trend right now, and it suits pretty much everyone.

  1. Pigtail Buns

Pigtail buns are not just for schoolgirls. They’re a cute hairstyle that will pair excellently with your bold activewear and will add some fun and youthfulness to your look. Whether you have long, curly or wavy hair, you can easily pull off them.

  1. Perky High Ponytail

This kind of hairstyle is perfect for every season and will make you look pretty and polished, no matter your style. Rock it with your mini and earn a ton of compliments.

  1. Small Box Braids

Being so flattering for black hair, a braided hairstyle never goes out of fashion. Small box braids can be used as a base for ponytails, regular braids, fishtails, high messy and low buns and more. Hint – please ask your stylist not to braid them so tight to avoid a headache.

  1. Ponytail with Headband

To wear a ponytail in kind of a cuter way, add a headband. Match your headband with a funky printed sporty set to look stylish. A headband is also very useful if the day is windy; it will make you feel comfy, warm and keep your hair out of your face.  

  1. Creative Side Braid Into High Ponytail

When you want to wear a fuss-free updo, but might be boring of buns and other simple styles, a braided option is an ideal look for you. A French braid will make your hair style look ethereal and romantic. A small French braid at the crown creates a headband effect  and gives some visual interest.

  1. Side Braid

With a single or several braids plaited on the side, you'll look classy and a little bit sassy. This is a versatile hair style that can be your go-to pick for whatever occasion you have for the day - from the gym to "5 pm on Friday".

  1. Half-Up Top Knot

From schoolgirls to fashionable women, everyone rocks a half-up top knot. It’s easy to do yourself and you won’t worry about your hairstyle for the entire day! Perfect, isn’t it? A half-up top knot is a good choice if you have a workout hour as part of your everyday routine. Add this hairstyle to your arsenal for a fun and cool look.

  1. Dutch Braids (Boxer Braids)

Dutch braids are a hairstyle you need in your repertoire. They look so stylish and chic! Girls call boxer braids the "it" hairstyle and post it on Instagram. This hairstyle is perfect for every day and great for the gym too!

  1. Fishtail Braids

Switch out your basic braids for amazing fishtail braids to create a more modern look. You can plait hair for an everyday cozy look as well as wear fishtail braids for yoga or other activities. Braid them for your mini to have a jaw-dropping look.

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