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Eurotrip Packing List

by Rebecca Gold 04 Oct 2022

This year, we’re seeing SO many Eurotrips happening and it’s inspiring! Now that the world seems to be opened back up for travel again, it’s time to get those passports ready, invest in some great suitcases and travel accessories and get ready for overseas adventures. It’s one thing to daydream about visiting the Buckingham Palace in England or the Jardin de Tuileries in Paris, but it’s a whole other thing when you’re actually there and checking in and out of hotels, riding the metro, googling new locations to visit, making dinner reservations, biking across town - all the practical daily activities in between the big, fun excursions.  Having the right things (or not having them) with you on your trip could make or break the trip. Imagine showing up in rainy season with no umbrellas, galoshes or raincoats. You’ll be miserable! Take some time to research the weather and what sorts of things will be going on while you’re there. The various regions and climates in Europe also make a difference. What you’ll need will depend on all these factors, so if you’re planning on a summer in Paris or a winter in London, your packing list will look different.

Clothes to Pack for a 2-Week Eurotrip
When packing for a Eurotrip, pack your most comfortable and versatile items. Neutrals and dark colors are always easy to mix and match. Pack your favorite pair of jeans and a few tank tops. An oversized white button down shirt or a good shacket to layer up your looks give you more combination possibilities.  

  • Pick 3- 4 max comfortable shoes. 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of heels (if necessary), 1 pair of sandals + 1 pair of slides or slippers. This can change, of course, depending on what you plan on doing there, but this is a great rule of thumb.    
  • 1-2 matching athleisure sets. Don’t discount athleisure pieces - these are basically the new casual! Pack your favorite matching sports bra and leggings set. Choose neutrals and pack maybe just one bold colored set or a fun, printed sports bra and leggings set to jazz it up. These will be useful for everything from workouts - as you stay consistent with your fitness journey, even abroad - or even just casual outfits. Sports bras can be mixed and matched with a skirt or jeans and sandals on a hot summer day, or you can layer with a shacket or sweater on a breezier, chillier day. Leggings can be paired with sneakers and a blouse for a casual excursion day. The versatility with sports bra and matching leggings sets is unmatched!    
  • 1-2 Swimsuits (depending on the weather)   
  • 1-2 skirts for slightly more dressy looks   
  • 1-2 sweaters or jackets, also depending on the weather   
  • 1 raincoat    
  • 7-10 underwear + 2-3 bras, not including sports bras    
  • 1-2 pajamas or sleep clothes

Clothes to Pack for a 2-Week Eurotrip
Clothes to Pack for a 2-Week Eurotrip
  • Plug Adaptors. Finding a universal plug adaptor with various different USB drives is a phenomenal option and is absolutely crucial when traveling to Europe from elsewhere in the world! 
  •  Power Bank. A power bank will give you peace of mind if your phone dies while you’re out. You’ll definitely be using it a lot as you look up destinations, make reservations, find out hours of operation, use translation apps, etc - so this is a very likely scenario!  
  •  Charging Cords. Make sure you have enough charging cords for all of your devices. This is easy to forget as you pack, so never leave it out! 

Leave Plug-In Hair Accessories at Home
Even if you have an adapter, because of the voltage plugs in Europe being different than in the U.S., it would be best to leave your plug-in hair accessories at home. Otherwise, you risk ruining your devices for good. The good news is, there are many hotels there that provide these things in the room, but if there are none, it would be best to buy them there.

Pro Tip: Pack Light

When traveling, you’ll make your life a lot easier if you pack light. From not having to worry about airline weight limits to lugging your bags around town, do yourself a favor and pack as efficiently as possible. You’ll also probably end up wanting to bring back some souvenirs from your vacation, so aim to leave between 7-10 lbs for yourself.  Be thoughtful about your activities at your destination! Whether you’ll be traipsing around backpack style, visiting museums and cafes, or attending swanky parties and lavish runway shows, the more strategic you are about your packing, the better your experience will be! 

Leave Plug-In Hair Accessories at Home
Pro Tip: Pack Light
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