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5 Genius Mother Daughter Bonding Ideas

by Tina Bryant 12 Mar 2019

Time flies by way too fast and before you know it, your children are at a ripe age to move out and live life on their own, without you. It’s important to remember and take time out of your busy schedule to nurture the bond between parents and kids. If you’re a mother and you want to create priceless moments with your little girl before she starts growing her wings and flying out of the nest, here are just 5 genius ideas to help you grow and strengthen that bond.

Learn a New Skill Together

Nothing strengthens bonds more than going through a challenge together and learning a new skill could be just that! Many group oriented organizations from the military to corporate companies to sororities and fraternities have shown that groups of people who go through things together and learn new things together establish tighter bonds. So apply this to your family!


Find something you’d both like to learn how to do; it can be anything from baking to painting to dancing to pottery to horseback riding to archery; whatever you two enjoy doing, do it together. You’ll have learned a new life skill and grown closer to your little girl while doing so.

Volunteer Together

This is an absolute great way to grow closer to your little girl. Get together and talk about some of the things that she’s passionate about. Maybe she has a heart for underprivileged children; maybe she cares about conservation and helping clean up the oceans; whatever her interests are, find out where you two can volunteer and help out in your community. Not only will you have an activity to do together that will bring you closer, but you will find out about her more altruistic side and the causes that move her. You’ll also be teaching her about the importance of giving back to your community and being a helpful, powerful member of society who can make a difference. It’s a multi faceted lesson and experience that will prove priceless for years to come.


Cook a Meal Together

Give your daughter the title of Chef for a day; let her pick out what you’ll be eating for breakfast or lunch or dinner; if it’s dinner, maybe make it a 2-3 course meal. Have her come with you shopping for the ingredients for whatever she chooses and when you get home, both of you can start whipping up that special meal. If she doesn’t already know her way around the kitchen, this will be a great way to teach her this very valuable life skill. If she does, having her choose the meals and come with you shopping for ingredients will get her more hands on than ever before and you two will have a blast putting your meal together.


Go to a Theme Park

Add some adrenaline to that mother-daughter bond - hit a theme park and jump on some roller coasters together! Most kids and adults really love doing this. If she’s not afraid of exciting rides, make your outing thrilling and get on those roller coasters as many times as she wants. If she’s not as daring and prefers a more slower paced attraction, find parks with slower to medium paced rides. Water parks are a fun, less scary way to go as well!


Play Hooky Together

While being absent from school or work is usually frowned upon, one day, planned properly so neither of you is missing anything important, couldn’t hurt. Choose a day that works for you and her both and have your daughter leave school early - maybe around lunch time- and ditch the weekday together. Go bowling, maybe watch a movie together, go get your nails done or hit the beach - you can even plan the day by twinning with her and wearing the same top, dress, or outfit. As long as she’s not missing tests or important events at school and as long as you have permission from your workplace to do so, the half day will be a long lasting memory she’ll carry with her for years to come.

The bond between mothers and daughters is like nothing else - cherish it and live every moment of it to the fullest!

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