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At-Home Photoshoot Ideas

by Rebecca Gold 05 Aug 2020

Nowadays, who doesn’t love a great photoshoot session to create new posts for social pages? We all have our moments when we love getting dolled up and finding fun new ways to style ourselves and pose! If you have a family, kids love it, too and it can be a fun activity for you all to do together. 

If you’re stuck at home or don’t have the time or budget to pay a professional photographer to take your photos, guess what - you don’t really need all that! If you have a smartphone (which you probably do because, well, who doesn’t?) then you have everything you need to take some really awesome pics right at home! And whether you live in a 10 bedroom mansion or a small studio space or anything in-between, we guarantee that you will have some great backdrops available to you. It’s all about getting creative and being resourceful with what you’ve got! 

Here are some great at-home photoshoot ideas that don’t involve fancy photography set ups or expensive styling or props: 


Mirrors for Photoshoots Sessions

Chances are you have a mirror. Chances are you have more than one. Mirrors make a GREAT prop and backdrop when used in clever ways. Get creative and play with the reflections the mirrors are reflecting. Set one down on the ground and catch the reflection of the ceiling or the sky above for an instant backdrop. Try playing with putting water on the mirror - this technique has been used to make it look like it just rained. Angle two mirrors adjacent to each other and you’ll end up with an infinity look of yourself if you’re positioned between them. Don’t stay stuck to one angle; try moving the mirrors in relation to each other, move the angle of the camera and yourself - you’ll be surprised how many different looks you’ll end up with.


Bedsheets for Photoshoot Sessions

Don’t have a fabric backdrop or a green screen? Most people don’t! But guess what most people DO have? You guessed it, bedsheets. Bedsheets are a perfect tool to use because they will provide a nice uniform look behind you if you decide to just stand up against the wall. But there’s tons you can do with bedsheets in other ways; for example, they are usually sheer enough to where they catch the shadows and the light in interesting ways. They will often create shadows which is a great tool to play with when working on the composition of a shot. You can do anything with them from creating a mini-tent space (something the kids will love, have fun with and enjoy playing in) as a surrounding look or you can keep them on the bed and angle your photos from an aerial vantage point. Get creative with bedsheets and have fun!


Play with Light Refraction and Reflection

Consider using things like crystals and glass containers that can catch sunlight and refract them onto your or the models’ face. If you happen to have a projector, consider projecting shapes and cool colors onto the models’ faces. Curtains work well, too, since they are typically sheer enough to let sunlight pass through them and create a textiled texture onto the model’s skin and/or face.


Fitness Shoot

Grab a pretty colored or printed yoga mat, throw on some fun printed activewear and pose! A fitness shoot is great because you don't’ have to think about your poses that much. Just do some of your usual workout movements. Hit a yoga pose or a stretch stance and you’ll end up creating cool lines that make for great photo composition. Your fun printed activewear will provide the eye candy that will give your photo a nice pop of color! If you want to go the extra distance, you can actually just do a light workout and you’ll get a naturally dewy look as you start sweating. Sweat bounces back the light and creates an interesting, photogenic look. So you’ll be doing two things at once- getting those shots in and getting those reps, in, too!

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