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Autumn Colors are Peaking! Your Fall 2018 Wardrobe Guide

by Tina Bryant 14 Nov 2018

Summer has finally faded away and Fall is in full effect. While many other Autumns have come and gone, Fall 2018 is a little different. Traditionally, we’ve seen a lot of dark, rich hues and very muted colors; while darker tones and muted hues still work, the trending colors of the season are a lot more vibrant and unexpected than years past! We’re excited to see bright, lively colors stick around for the fall season, giving the season a delightful pop of energy we’ve been waiting for! If you’re looking to give your wardrobe a fall refresh, here’s our Fall 2018 Wardrobe and Color Guide to update your looks.

Electric Blue

Up first is electric blue. This is a bit of an unexpected fall color, as it’s typically seen in the summer. However, this year’s vibrant take on Autumnal style is letting some fresh colors into the club. If you’re hitting the dancefloor or a social event where you get to dress up, rock an electric or sapphire blue bodycon dress  and some metallic or neutral colored heels. If it’s dance class or the gym, a pair of blue printed leggings will give your athletic look some flare.


Fuchsias, Magentas and Hot Pinks

Talk about unexpected - we never thought we’d see a pink other than maybe a dusty rose/mauve make its way into the usually more somber season. But here it is! Fuchsia, magenta and hot pink are here to offer a pop of color just when you thought the color palette was staying drab. Whether it’s a one shouldered pink bodycon dress or a floral printed empire waist dress, the hotter the pink the better! Wake your sleepy wardrobe up with the hottest color this fall!


Browns, oranges and mustard yellows

Here are those familiar fall colors we all love seeing each year. These will no doubt be around season after season. Which is why you can never have too many of these rusted warm colors in your closet! The 70’s and the 90’s are being channeled heavily this year - so we’re seeing corduroy mini-skirts matched with long sleeved solid color tops and thigh high boots. We’re also seeing tribal printed, brown, orange and mustard yellow tones highlighted in beautiful boho pants paired with flare sleeved tops.


Hunter Greens and Emerald Greens  

The greens this season are giving the fall color palette a mysterious, intriguing flair. From emerald velvet dresses to hunter green leggings, crop tops and hoodies paired with light brown boots; green is the color to rock for a pop of depth in your look.



This isn’t so much a color as it is a finish or texture. The shimmer and metallic look is in full force this season; other years, it’s technically not “in” until December, but this fall is full of surprises. Whatever color you prefer, whether it’s straight silver, gold or rosegold or if it’s a metallic finish to any other color, metallics can make your outfit pop like nothing else. For fall weddings, a shimmery or metallic navy blue bodycon or metallic shift dress will give you an elegant edge.

Give your Fall ‘18 a quick update with these essentials and watch how fashion forward you will look and feel!

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