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Back to School Outfits

by Rebecca Gold 23 Aug 2019

Wearing a T-shirt with the own name on it is exactly what your daughter needs to stand out from the crowd!

Of course, basic t-shirts are just fine, but who needs simply FINE when we’re talking about back to school time? Our tees with customized names and striking phrases are always there to make sure your daughter shows her true personality and draw lots of attention to her gorgeous outfit. Just be careful, she might get obsessed with them!

Cute dresses are always a good idea to feel super girlish!

Your princess prefers classic, elegant or super adorable dresses? Don’t worry, we have them all! Whether she likes it printed, solid or lace, there’re dresses for everyone’s cup of tea. No matter which one you choose, your daughter will look stylish and feel comfy during back to school time! Besides, we’re sure that she will be wearing our dresses constantly and for different occasions as they’re always on point!

Creating a dashing school look is super easy with our stylish tops!

Okay, favorite pants are there, but something’s missing…that’s right – Top! Our dressy tops are super unique, stylish, designer made and most of all, unbelievably comfortable! They’re really easy to throw on and pair with any bottoms your girl has in the closet. Plus, they provide a sleek daily school look for sure!

Fun, comfy sets will make sure your girl stays positive during the school day!

Our funky sets are designed to be a perfect school outfit as we know that your daughter might be in a real rush over there. Gym, PE, cheerleading, you name it – our sets are a must have! They have such a cool print and have the most comfortable fit ever so that she could enjoy her school day to the full and be ready for all the activities it might follow.

Start the new school year with memories – wear Matching dresses with your daughter, take a pic and let your little one keep it in her locker!

What’s the best way to start a new school year rather than match with your daughter? Here’s the deal: you put on our beautiful matching dresses, rock them and take some fabulous photos together to cherish special memories for the whole life! Don’t forget to print out one pic afterwards and stick it to your girl’s locker so it could be a little reminder of the wonderful beginning of a school year! BTW, you could even make it a tradition for each academic year and then create a memory notebook for the graduation to look back at the precious time with your daughter.

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