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Benefits of Gymnastics for Young Girls

by Rebecca Gold 24 Nov 2021

So many strong, magnificent athletes showed their excellence as they performed on a worldwide stage at the Olympics this year! Strong, impressive women like Suni Lee and Simone Biles, among others, exemplified what it is to persevere at the highest level. Gymnastics are an amazing extracurricular discipline for all women, but especially young girls. In their development stages, there is so much they can learn from this beautiful, artistic sport. From learning the principles of hard work, dedication, discipline and confidence, to learning how to handle pain and pressure with poise. The list of benefits gymnastics gives young girls could go on and on. Here are just a few benefits:

It Boosts Self Esteem, Confidence and Self Love

It Boosts Self Esteem, Confidence and Self Love

As parents, we all have plenty to worry about when it comes to raising our kids. If you have a young daughter at home, you know all too well that this is the most crucial in a young girl’s life, when she is learning key ideals that will shape her mindset and set her up for her future. One of the most important lessons you’ll want to teach your daughter is confidence, self-esteem and self-love.

So many other skills actually help boost these principles because the more we are able to do on our own, the more we trust ourselves and the stronger our self-esteem, confidence and ultimately, the more self-love we end up with.

Learning gymnastics will give your daughter something she is constantly growing in. She’ll come home and show you what she’s learned and feel excited about her newly acquired skills. This habitual growth will help her feel capable and ready for new challenges in her life.

It Improves Flexibility, Hand-Eye-Coordination, and Bone Strength

It Improves Flexibility, Hand-Eye-Coordination, and Bone Strength

Learning how to properly stretch, balance, use the laws of physics and momentum to move around and do somersaults, flips, backlips and other moves will do wonders for your daughter’s development. Gymnastics forces you to use all of your muscles, therefore keeping them strong and toned so long as you practice the moves. Stretching helps improve elasticity in ligaments, therefore preventing injuries and making the body more resilient.

When kids participate in weight-bearing activities, their bones get stronger and denser. In gymnastics, your daughter will be doing flips, backflips, jumping, doing cartwheels and other moves that will make her move against gravity with her own body weight, teaching her hand-eye-coordination and building up her muscle and bone strength.

It Teaches Resilience, Discipline, and Time Management

It Teaches Resilience, Discipline, and Time Management

Learning gymnastics is a physically challenging activity. As your daughter learns to stretch further everyday and as she attempts different moves, she may experience moments of pain and discomfort, but she’ll be encouraged to push through it in a safe way to strive for her goals. This will teach her resilience and make her physically and mentally stronger.

As she goes about her day to day, she’ll need to continue practicing certain moves and exercises to help her improve her range of motion, flexibility and to strengthen key muscle groups that will enable her to execute certain routines. There may be moments where she’ll need to choose practice over going out and having fun with friends. This will teach her discipline.

Lastly, she’ll be taking gymnastics most likely after school; some days, she may need to pack her matching leggings and sports bra set, along with her favorite sneakers, throw them in an extra bag and take them to school with her so she can make it to gymnastics practice right after school gets out. She will inevitably learn time management as she schedules out her day to day with her gymnastics goals in mind.

It’s the Perfect Way to Make Friends

It’s the Perfect Way to Make Friends

There’s nothing that brings people together like learning new skills together and helping each other overcome challenges as a team. Gymnastics will give your daughter some obstacles to overcome and as she shares this experience with other young girls her age, she’ll inevitably make close bonds with them. The friendships she makes as she learns her routines will be strong ones, maybe even for life!

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