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Cool Mother-Daughter Activities

by Rebecca Gold 27 May 2020

Every mother-daughter connection is special. Plus, every girl, whether little or a bit bigger, loves spending time with her mom. It’s really important to carve out special bonding time with our kids. So, here are some special mother-daughter activities that give us the perfect opportunity to spend precious time together.


Do a professional photo shoot

All moms have hundreds of photos of their daughters. But having a photographer other than yourself capture lasting memories is a gift you'll enjoy well into the future. You can wear our cute, vibrant matching leggings for extra fun or some floral printed dresses for chic looks!


Cook together

Your daughter's probably been a great asset in baking cookies or peeling a vegetable now and then. Take the culinary skills up a notch and try creating an entire cake or a dinner meal together.


Take a painting class

Get creative and do a painting or crafting class together. You'll love seeing each of your unique perspectives come to life on the canvas.


Play a board game

There are plenty of games that are perfect for a mommy&me afternoon. You can even take the game to a local coffee shop or park to make the time more special.

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