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Fall Wedding Dress Code

by Tina Bryant 21 Nov 2018

Got an invitation to a Fall wedding? After you’ve checked the registry and hunted down the perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom, next on the list is finding out what to wear. Fall is a magical season in which to attend a wedding. Make sure your outfit and look is just as magical so you can be the most fashionable wedding guest there.

The look and feel of the Fall formal wardrobe is typically more dressy; the colors, fabrics and silhouettes lend themselves to looking more elegant and sophisticated or more romantic and regal. Here are a few dress ideas for that Fall wedding you’ve got marked on your calendar:

Fall Floral Print Dresses

Florals don’t wither away and die during fall - they only get more beautiful and more intriguing. While they may not be the bright, vibrant colors we see in summer and spring, fall still has some beautiful floral prints that match the season. A navy blue, women’s empire waist dress with small delicate periwinkle flowers and sheer, quarter length sleeves will make you look sophisticated, graceful and feminine. The sheer addition adds dimension to the look. Or, if the weather isn’t quite as cold yet to be wearing long sleeves or quarter length sleeves, a floral shift dress with rustic fall colors and a bigger sized print can look like a beautiful fall painting in dress form. If you’re attending with a small daughter, a mommy and me matching dress look for the wedding can be a huge hit!


Elegant Lace

Lace is a perfect print/texture for the season. It has a vintage or antique yet romantic and feminine feel to it and really makes you look sophisticated. This looks beautiful in any silhouette, whether it’s a sleeveless lace shift dress or a long sleeve or quarter sleeve bodycon dress or empire waist dress. Black lace always looks beautiful, but unless it’s specifically a color chosen by the bride, is not the best selection for a wedding. You can try mauves or dusty roses, merlot or red, hunter green or other seasonally appropriate colors. And white lace, although beautiful, is also not a great Fall color - or a good choice for a wedding guest ( since this is typically reserved for the bride) you can go for a beige lace dress or taupe hue instead. Lace also looks gorgeous on young daughters, so if you want to coordinate the look with your minime, lace is a great choice for both of you!


Shimmery Dresses for Evening Weddings

One new texture or finish that we’re seeing this year is shimmer. Shimmery fabrics are a great choice for evening weddings. It can be a metallic party dress or satin cocktail dress. A one shoulder navy blue metallic dress can look striking and beautiful; or a chocolate brown satin shift dress can look almost loungy and elegant. Let the evening lights bounce off your dress at that magical fall wedding!


Skater Dresses

The skater dress silhouette is a classic silhouette that made a comeback recently. It’s a classic shape that is flattering for most women and looks appropriate for anything from a trip to the mall to a bridesmaid dress - it all depends on the styling. For a fall wedding, a deep, rich color like a merlot or ruby red skater dress will look classy and intriguing. A navy blue or emerald green skater dress can also be super on-trend for this year’s fall formal looks. A less common hue that can also look super magical is a deep purple or a brown satin skater dress. Pair it with a high heel and contrasting purse for a fall wedding perfect look.

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