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Fun Family + Pet Outings for Spring

by Mary Visconti 03 May 2019

When the sun’s out, the fun’s also out! If you can’t tell who is more excited about the Spring to Summer season finally arriving - you, your kids or your dog - plan out a celebratory family and pet fun day for the next free weekend you get! Take advantage of the sunny season to get outside, get active, bond with your family (including the furriest family member) and take pics! It’s not everyday you can make memories together. Here are some fun family ideas for you all to enjoy some outdoorsy time together.

Hit the Beach

If you are lucky enough to live in a coastal city with beach access nearby, this one’s a no brainer. Pack up the car with an umbrella, towels, snorkels, sand castle making toys, a frisbee or volleyball and of course sunscreen and spend a day at the beach. Bring along some dog toys (if the frisbee isn’t already for the pooch) and some dog treats. Bring some water for both you and the kids as well as snacks for the family and find the nearest dog friendly beach so you know for sure your pup is allowed in the water. All that wide open space will help get your kids and your pet running around and using all that extra energy. Parenting hack: You’ll thank us later when you notice a quieter than normal car ride - a sign everyone will be sleeping through the night once you get home.

Go to a Park

Live near a national park or city park? Throw on some sneakers and some cute activewear - if you and your mini me like to coordinate, throw on some cute mommy daughter matching leggings and athleisure tops. Get your pup on a leash and hit the great outdoors.  Make sure you don’t forget water bottles for everyone. If you’ve got young kids, you might want to choose a park with a playground or bike paths, unless a hike is enough to keep them happy and entertained. You’ll find some cute photo opps along the way, especially if you and your daughter are in cute matching activewear. And for your pooch, stay on the lookout for a stick or two along the way that you can throw and play fetch with. Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses and bug spray!

Go Canoeing or Kayaking

Does your dog love water? If he or she is like most dogs, they probably do! Find a puppy life jacket to keep them safe - then pack up the car with snacks, water bottles, a waterproof phone case and any other items that you think you’ll need and go on a canoe, kayak or paddleboard adventure! Dogs are usually great about staying on board and they’ll love the exciting new surroundings! Also, all three of these are great ways to be active and stay fit.

Go Camping

If you’re really into the outdoors, even consider staying the night or the whole weekend and make it a whole camping trip. There are actually dedicated campgrounds for dogs like one in Vermont “Camp Gone to the Dogs” that allow dogs in the dorms or cabins and host activities like herding, swimming lessons, obedience, agility and even doggy dancing.

Pet Friendly Vacation

If you’re planning out more of an elaborate vacay, there are some amazing options out there for pets. Some things you never would have imagined are actually pet friendly! For example, for baseball fans, San Diego’s Padre’s PETCO Park sponsor a Dog Days of Summer event that invites pets to join their families in the stands. There’s even picnics, playgrounds outside the outfield fence and dog adoption clinics during every sunday home game. Disney also offers a surprisingly pet friendly option - they have a Best Friends Pet Resort in Orlando Florida with 4 different locations in and around Disney World. These allow your pet to have a pet vacation with deluxe rooms full of amenities as well as activities like nature walks, playtime and bedtime stories. Even cats are served at the resort with kitty condos and daily maid service.

Stay at Home Fun

If you just want to have some good old stay at home fun with a pet, you don’t have to go far! Head to the front or backyard and turn on some sprinklers and watch your dog and your kids have the time of their lives! Start a water balloon fight, grab some super soakers, make a makeshift water slide with some trash bags, make a little obstacle course for your dog with treats throughout - there’s so much you can do right at home, no need to go far to enjoy the spring and summer with your family!

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