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Harvest Festival Outfit Ideas

by Mary Visconti 08 Nov 2019

Even though October is best known for the Halloween celebration in the U.S., there are many other celebrations and rituals that take place during the month of October and into November. There’s Diwali in the Hindu religion and there’s All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day in Catholicism; there’s the Hungry Ghost Festival in Hong Kong, the Kawasaki Parade in Japan, Dia De los Muertos in Mexico and Samhain in Ireland and Scotland. Catholics and some protestant Christian groups opt to celebrate the Harvest in lieu of Halloween, due to conflicting ideologies within the holiday’s origins. Harvest festivals are often held at churches or in communal areas in towns and cities, offering those who wish not to participate in Halloween another alternative, to give thanks for that year’s harvest. Harvest festivals often have fun activities like hayrides for kids, games, treats, contests and more. Here are some fun Harvest festival Outfit Ideas for you and your daughter: 

Fun Printed Leggings

When you’re at a harvest festival, you’re not there to stand around like a wax figure - you’re there to play games, jump around hay bales and pumpkins, and just have fun! Throw on some comfy but cute printed leggings and pair with a long sleeved, loose top and some fall-perfect boots. Prints like navy blue with stars on it, some eye-catching, glittery printed leggings, some autumnal ethno chic chevron printed leggings, or focus on fall colors like rusted orange, mustard yellows or reds. You’ll look like a bright fall leaf at your harvest festival and feel just as free! If you’re headed to the festy with your daughter, go for a twinning mom-and-daughter printed legging look. 

Jeans and Boots

Nothing says Fall and Harvest like a good pair of jeans and some autumn boots. This is just a classic look that, when paired with fall colors and a scarf or something soft and cozy, looks quintessentially seasonal. Pair with a black lace, quarter length sleeved top or an empire waist flowy floral top that has October appropriate shades of fuchsias and violets. 

Boho Tunic Top + Leggings

A printed boho tunic top with a billowy layer and quarter length sleeves at the top gives you dressy; paired with a pair of solid colored leggings gives you casual and fun. Wear the best of both worlds to the harvest festival. Choose a beautiful floral print with fall colors for the boho tunic top and pair it with a solid color legging to provide contrast and balance. The fact that you look nice enough for the occasion but are also comfy means you won’t miss out on photo opps - or the potato sack race either. 

Palazzo Pants

The Palazzo pant is the perfect marriage between dressy and comfort. It looks super stylish and fashion forward but also happens to be comfortable and flowy enough for you to move about easily. If you’re going bobbing for apples, playing a carnival game or getting on a ferris wheel, you won’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions that could come with a skirt or a dress. Choose a pretty palazzo pant with a cute fall friendly print like a kaleidoscope print and pair with a solid top - or do the inverse, with a solid palazzo pant + a printed top. You can’t go wrong with a well balanced outfit that provides both style and comfort at your upcoming harvest festival.

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