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How to Help Your Daughter Make Friends at School

by Rebecca Gold 23 Aug 2023

You know how important it is for your daughter to have a solid group of friends at school. Not only does it provide a sense of belonging, but socializing is also an important developmental stage. Making friends, however, can be a difficult process for some children. Here are a few tips to help your daughter make friends at school:

Encourage Your Daughter to Join Extracurricular Activities

Joining a school club or sports team is a great way to meet other kids with similar interests. Activities like dance, drama, or tennis can help your daughter make friends outside of her regular classroom setting.

Teach Your Daughter Social Skills

Some children may feel intimidated by socializing, so it's important to teach your daughter basic social skills like starting conversations and listening actively. These skills will help her build healthy relationships with her peers.

Be Supportive

As a parent, it's important to encourage your daughter and give her the confidence she needs to make friends. Let her know that everyone has trouble making friends sometimes and that she shouldn't feel discouraged if it doesn't happen right away.

Host Playdates

Setting up playdates with other children in your daughter's class can help her develop friendships outside of school hours. Inviting a few kids over for a fun activity or snack is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Be Supportive

@yulia.lya_ and her daughter in "A Piece of Sun" sets

Host Playdates

@thedalygirls wearing "Waterfall" sets

Dress Up Your Daughter in Trendy Outfits

Even though looks aren't everything, wearing trendy clothes can help your daughter feel more confident and attractive, making her more approachable. For example, cute kids leggings or a motivational top can make her feel good about herself and catch other children's attention. Also, letting her feel good in a little black dress for special occasions can boost her confidence.

Dress Up Your Daughter in Trendy Outfits

@littlemodelvaleria wearing Onyx Black dress

Remember, making friends takes time and effort, but with these tips and your support, your daughter will be well on her way to building meaningful relationships with her peers.

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