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Keeping Yourself Motivated to Run Through Fall

by Mary Visconti 09 Oct 2019

If you’ve been crushing it this year and being consistent with your fitness routine, don’t let up! You’re in the home stretch of the year. Congratulations on all the progress you’ve made! The year is, however, making a turn towards the ‘cozy’ seasons, which will make you want to make like a bear and hibernate. With all the comfort foods and crisp fall/winter, you will be tempted to stay indoors, snuggle, and indulge on spiced foods. However, it’s important to keep yourself active throughout the season. Here are some ways to keep yourself motivated and stick to your running routine through fall and winter: 

Layer Up and Keep your Clothes Toasty

One big reason many people fall off from their running routines is the weather. In places where it’s cold, it can be extra difficult to force yourself to head outside. Be sure to layer up your running gear - throw on a hoodie over that sports bra and racerback top, or stock up on long sleeved tops and layer with a windbreaker, puffer jacket and maybe some thick, insulated leggings. Be sure to keep your vitamin C and B12 supply stocked so you don’t end up catching a cold or other ailment when you’re out running in the chilly air. Pro Tip: Stick your clothes in the dryer a few minutes before you head out, then enjoy as you clothe yourself with nice, toasty, cozy clothes that just came out of the dryer. 


Switch Up the Places You Go Running

Monotony and boredom is another reason many people abandon their running. If you’re always on a treadmill indoors, it can be a real drag to make yourself stay on for a half hour or full hour. Go to a local park, a beach or some hiking trails in the area and keep it scenic and exciting! Pro Tip: Download some safety apps on your phone, especially if you’re going running alone, and let people know where you’ll be and when you expect to be back if you do head out solo. 


Keep your Fitness and Running Gear Fresh

Everyone knows that one surefire way to make sure you go do anything is getting some new outfits specifically for the occasion! Use a little retail therapy to get you fired up and ready to run. Find some cute printed leggings and matching printed sports bras or some flattering, stretchy biker shorts paired with a loose fitting, slouchy top to keep your Fall running activewear selection fresh. Choose some Fall friendly prints like moon and star printed leggings, dark and intriguing colors like blues and purples, or fall boho prints like ethnic prints and patterned designs. 


Make it a Social Event

Finding a buddy to go running with you is a great way to stick to your routine. It will become a fun social outing you actually look forward to - plus, you will have someone holding you accountable, which means you will be less likely to skip out on your morning or afternoon runs. Pro Tip: Get some cute twinning looks that both of you can wear together! Coordinate some cute printed leggings and matching sports bras or some cute printed biker shorts with a loose top. It will give you an extra reason to want to hit the pavement!  

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