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Lemon Addiction

by Rebecca Gold 30 Jan 2019

There are so many different fruits that are not only yummy but also are good for your health. However, not all of them are very functional and often used in daily lives. Lemon is an exception! Actually, it seems like lemon is a go-to fruit: people put it in tea to get a more pleasant taste, add it to drinks and salads as a flavoring ingredient and women even make facial masks with it! Moreover, it has many more advantages than you are already aware of.

1. It’s extremely high in vitamin C. Even a small daily dose of vitamin C could prevent you from catching the cold or becoming ill and also put you in a very good mood.
2. It cures some light diseases like the flu, the common cold, kidney stones and furthermore, strengthens your immune system, therefore making you healthier.
3. It makes your skin look better. It’s good for acne scars as well as natural brightness and clearing of your skin.
4. It’s good for relaxation. It calms you down, lets you chill and forget about your anxieties.
5. It helps you lose weight by cleaning out the digestive tract and somehow reduces your hunger cravings.

Pineapple Clothing extended the limits of lemon usage and created activewear with lemons printed on it! We produced a dose of vitamin C specifically for your soul! Now all the lemon lovers can rock our lemon pants and tops while keeping their minds positive. A PIECE OF SUN LEMON ACTIVEWEAR immediately makes you happier and it’s obvious why all our customers are so crazy about it, especially during winter time when it’s not always easy to stay cheerful due to the cold weather!
So, if you are still feeling down, then it’s high time you overcame a gloomy day and went ahead ordering a pair of lemon yoga pants with a matching top!


"LOVE fun leggings and awesome quality clothing! Who can resist the lemons?! 🍋🍋"


"it's not that hard to smile this big when your love is behind the camera💛"


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (for sure). 😊🍋🍋🍋"


"Stretching in my @pineappleclothing_com leggings and sports bra 🍍🍍🍍Super fun Activewear with super fun patterns💛💛💛💛💛💛"


"Terrible twos are harder than I ever imagined, but I love this kid and his fun personality🍋"


"Getting in and out of life’s twists and turns with the best possible attitude 😉"


"LOVE these lemon leggings from the one and only @pineappleclothing_com 💛"


"~Missing the sunshine of summer, but loving the crisp air of fall!*~"


"And of course to boost my spirits, I pulled out the infamous 'vajaja lemon🍋 pants' to increase giggles & boost my mood!🌞"

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