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Mommy and Me Fourth of July Outfits

by Rebecca Gold 24 Jun 2020

Independence Day is almost here and that means bbq’s, picnics, beach days, fireworks and family time. It’s the pinnacle of summer! The Fourth of July is an all-American holiday, perfect for showing off your patriotic side. Rocking red, white or blue is basically a non-negotiable. Bonus points if you can incorporate stars and stripes in there somehow! But even better than that? Rocking an adorable Fourth of July Outfit that matches or coordinates with your little fashionista. For mommies with daughters who love to dress up in matching outfits, here are some great outfit ideas for mommy and me fourth of July outfits!  

A White Top + Star Printed Leggings 

Show off those stars! The 50 stars in our flag represent the 50 states. Celebrate the states by rocking a pair of adorable star printed leggings paired with a cute white top. It’s a comfortable outfit that will allow for free movement outdoors while also staying on-theme and appropriate for the holiday! Your little one will love looking like a little shooting star herself. This outfit is a win for both mommy and daughter! 


Striped Top + White Bottom

Pair a flowy, off-the-shoulder top and white shorts, pants or a skirt to get that summery vibe. This contrast makes a picture-perfect look that will have you and your little one ready for any photo opp! Alternatively, you can switch the order here. Rock a striped maxi skirt with a flowy white top, a loose-fitting white shift tunic or cute white halter top. This look is fresh, airy and so on-theme!


Jeans and a Flowy Blouse

What’s more all-american than a pair of jeans? The best thing about jeans, whether it’s jean pants, jean shorts or a jean skirt, is that it is a classic staple that isn’t going anywhere and matches everything! Pair your jeans with an understated, ultra-feminine, white lace ruffle halter. If you’re going to be outside for a long while in the hot sun, you’ll be glad you paired those jeans with a flowy top to keep the air flowing! Looking for a little more color? Pair those jeans with a beautiful floral printed t-shirt, a floral strappy top on a white backdrop or a sleeveless dressy top with a splash of floral print.


Loose-Fitting, Printed Shift Dress

If you know you and your mini-me won’t be doing a lot of running around on July Fourth and your event is more dressy, a sleeveless shift dress could be your solution. It's still a dress that will keep you looking put-together and chic, but the shift silhouette will keep you light, cool and airy in that hot sun. Pair your floral printed shift dress with some comfortable sandals, sperry’s or even white sneakers for a cute, feminine and casual feel. Your little one will probably appreciate not having to wear anything super tight or restricting if she’s going to be around family or friends, enjoying the day.


Matching Printed Tees

A matching printed tee that the whole family is rocking is a super cute way to celebrate the day! Get a printed tee with a phrase or your family’s last name. Or maybe something cute and super on-theme like “Fourth of July Fly” or “America the Beautiful.” Whatever it is you decide on, pair your matching tees with leggings or jeans. You’ll be photo opp ready and perfectly dressed to make new Fourth of July memories together.

A Comfy Romper

Summer rompers are everything! These super trendy pieces give you the best of both worlds. You get the cute look of a dress but the comfort and convenience of a pair of loose shorts - all connected into one outfit so you don’t have to spend hours throwing around tops and bottoms trying to decide what to pair together. You just throw it on and go!  You and your little one will love just throwing on one piece and being ready for the day. 


image via @lajfdancer

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