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Motivational Yogi Quotes - Part 4

by Rebecca Gold 16 Aug 2019

1. “Let go all the emotions from the last week you don’t need and focus on the upcoming week and new energy!” -

2. “The important thing is to start, to respect your body and work from wherever you are to achieve your goals.” - @ximefit_health_coach

3. “Don’t give up on yourself too soon, you are worth it-if you believe in yourself anything is possible.” - @training_tips_by_jlowe

4. “Don’t let the darkness that comes from outside obscure the light that is inside of you.” - @diamante_yoga_venezia

5. “ENJOY every moment of your life, breathe deeply and be present.” - @annelahaye

6. “Your body will always tell you what it needs. Listen to your body.” - @ashleyaerials

7. “Change is hard, like really hard. We all have dreams & goals for our lives and usually the biggest obstacle is change. Growing into the person we need to be to accomplish said goals. It’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it.” - @faithfulnovaturient

8. “Let your life be a living, breathing, flowing meditation that inspires others to seek out what you have found in the divine.” - @sherrellmooretucker

9. “AMONG THE TREES you can feel all the energy, you can find peace and reconnect with yourself.” - @annelahaye

10. “Know that tomorrow will bring a new experience. Embrace change and remember that even the smallest things can make a big difference.” - @mediterraneanyogagirl

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