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Motivational Yogi Quotes - Part 6

by Rebecca Gold 18 Oct 2019

“You’re not a shadow. If you imitate or exactly copy someone else’s behavior in the same way, create your own path which makes you unique instead.”

“Don't focus on the negative. Change your perspective and focus on gratitude; there is light in every day, so let it shine through.”

“It's okay to be weak, it's okay to not be okay, it's okay to let the tear drops roll down your face. But don't let yourself drowned in the sea of sadness. After the long dark night, may you rise and shine like the sun in the summer.”

“You can find your inner peace because it always has been & it will forever be inside of your soul. And when you finally connect with it, you will find out that all the chaos was really just an illusion created by your perception.”

“Look at your schedule. Carve out the time for yourself. Because it’s important. Because if you don’t, it becomes impossible to show up as your best self for your partner/child/career/etc.”

“The practice of Yoga help me to stop thinking with my head and I start thinking with my heart where all the good answers are.”

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