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New Classes to Refresh your Workout Routine

by Mary Visconti 04 Sep 2019

image via @dancer_reaganb

We all need some extra motivation to go to the gym sometimes. The truth is, for most of us, it’s already hard enough to fight laziness or just that feeling of being tired from a hectic schedule; but then, if you add a workout you hate or a routine you’re bored with on top of it, you’re really shaving down your chances of actually going to your workout. Keeping your workouts fun, interesting and unexpected is a great way to stay consistent. Beyond just mentally motivating, it actually helps keep your body in shape - surprising your muscles and changing up the routine helps keep your body challenged and striving for more every time. Without further ado, here’s a few new workouts to try and shake up your exercise regimen. 

Aerial Yoga

Love what yoga does for your flexibility, breathing and muscle resistance? Take it to the next level by getting up off the mat and up in the air! Aerial yoga uses fabric hammocks that are suspended from the ceiling to help you stabilize your poses. If you have a daughter that just loves to move and play on monkey bars and hang from trees, throw on some cute, colorful mommy and me yoga leggings and a form fitting top or bra that stays on when you hang upside down and have a blast trying out this new fitness adventure together! 

image via @duoacrobaticpack

image via @rararobot

Boxing and Kickboxing

These are both cardio driven workouts that will burn through your calories faster than you can imagine. They both engage your leg muscles, back muscles and arms and inspire a tougher, more resilient side to you. You might actually get extra competitive and start learning how to spar with a partner in the ring! Boxing is also great for improving your hand-eye coordination and your reaction time. 

image via @nic_sorrynotsorry

image via @oliveoilbby

Caribbean and African Dance Class

Do you love rhythm and drums? Lively music with a spirit of fun and deep roots? Then you will love learning to dance to Afrobeats, soca, dancehall and reggae. There are a ton of new independently taught Caribbean and Afro inspired dance classes popping up all over the country - just google which ones there are near you. Or, go on social media - like instagram - and start following some instructors. Start with searching the hashtags. Get to know some of the instructors and reach out to them - many are willing to travel if they think they can fill up the class. Caribbean and African dance is mostly about loosening up that waist and winding, as well as a lot of leg and thigh movements that will tone up your leg and booty muscles in no time! 

image via @burpeesandbagel

image via @kalewds


One of the best types of dance for toning up is bellydance. While it does work out your core more than most other types of dance, it also really engages your arm and back muscles - this one can be challenging, but so so much fun! We recommend trying it out. 

Pole Fitness

This one has become a hot trend in the fitness community with pole fitness studios selling out everywhere! It is a tough workout that engages your core primarily, but also your limbs; it also helps you work on your confidence in a body-positive way!

image via @domuskak

image via @seliflo

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