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Pick of the Week – My Friend Unicorn

by Tina Bryant 25 Nov 2018

Between dream and reality.

The unicorn pattern goes viral. Shoppers can't get enough of unicorn-inspired products. This trend is appealing to all ages, kids and adults are just enthralled by this mythical animal. No wonder everyone is raving about this – the unicorns boasting the colors of the rainbow are popping up pretty much everywhere. Pineapple Clothing made a special “My Friend Unicorn” collection embellished with a stylish unicorn that dances among the kaleidoscope of candies and stars on the mint fabric. And we are happy to see that these cute pieces are really your friends. This magic and lighthearted vibe is our Pick of the Week.

"Have a relaxed day in my new cute leggings!" -


"Wish every day was rainbows 🌈 and unicorns 🦄 . We love these amazing leggings!" -


"In love with my new activewear from 🍍 clothing!" -


"We get to rock our matching Pineapple Clothing uni leggings 🦄 Get yours, feel magical." -


"Can't even handle how cute these leggings are." -


"So when I saw these adorable mommy/daughter leggings from I knew she would be excited. So we will be #twinning as long as she wants 😉#twinningiswinning." -


"My daughter in unicorn leggings, happy moments from Pineapple Clothing." -


"The fabrics are of incomparable quality. And what the diversity of prints! Everything for everyone!" -


"Definitely feeking like a unicorn!" -


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