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School Friendly Costume Ideas for your Little Girl

by Mary Visconti 16 Nov 2019

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year - and while this might seem like a bit of a bummer, it means your child is probably going to want to celebrate while in school. Think back to when you were in school: chances are, you looked forward to breaking the monotony of a school uniform or your usual school attire and getting to wear a witch hat, a ghost costume, or a black cat outfit. If your child goes to a school that allows Halloween costumes or at least festive Halloween attire, here are some school appropriate ideas your child can rock on the big day. 

Cat or Bat Costume

There’s nothing more Halloween than a cat or a bat - these 2 animals will never stop being associated with All Hallow’s Eve! These are also open for interpretation, which makes it a perfect choice for a school day Halloween costume. In stores and online, you’ll find a wide variety of costumes - from cute, loose-fitting bat onesies with attached wings to leopard print or all-black bodysuits with tails. For both of these, you don’t even have to purchase an actual costume. She can just dress in all black - a pair of black leggings and a top or a black shift dress and cute flats, then pair with accessories like cute cat ear headbands and cat makeup + a tail to finish the look. Not only will your daughter look super cute, but she’ll also be comfy while going to her classes. 

Ghost or Zombie SchoolGirl

This one is a clever choice, especially for kids who have to wear uniforms to school. If your daughter’s school requires her to wear her uniform but does allow cute, fun makeup or accessories, she can go as an undead schoolgirl. Have fun doing some ghost or zombie makeup - think dark circles under her eyes and pale white foundation. She’ll be within dress code but still expressing her love for the spooky holiday! 

80’s Workout Diva

Bust out those legwarmers, that brightly colored headband and fluffy, teased hair! 80’s workout looks are always a fun, school-friendly Halloween costume choice. If you watch Stranger Things (who doesn’t) you’ll remember that the 80’s will never go out of style. This outfit can be done by pairing a pair of brightly colored yoga pants or leggings and a different colored unitard on top. Leg warmers on each leg and a headband plus big, colorful earrings and fluffy, teased hair really sell it. If you’re afraid of the unitard and the leggings still being too form-fitting, throw a Cyndi Lauper style or Madonna style tutu on top - this way, everyone will be able to see that girls just wanna have fun on Halloween - even if they’re going to class while they do it. 

Halloween themed prints

For schools that don’t allow full on costumes but do allow festive outfits, Halloween prints are perfect. Find a cute Halloween themed printed shirt - like something with Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus or Halloween town graphics or quotes printed on it. Or, if your daughter likes to wear fun prints, choose a cute ghost printed legging or tee; if she’s a fan of pumpkins, she’ll love rocking cute pumpkin printed leggings and a pumpkin themed tee with a custom message on it while she heads to class on October 31st. Choose something fun and festive then pair with a fun Halloween themed headband to complete the look. She may not be in full costume, but she will surely be showing off her magical Halloween spirit anyway!

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