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Sisterhood of the Matching Leggings - Bonding Through Matching for Sisters, Mother Daughter, Cousins, Friends

by Mary Visconti 07 Aug 2019

If you’re reading this, you’ve been lucky enough to be present for one of history’s most unique times. Right now, we are all living in the culmination of centuries of painstaking effort and tireless dedication from women of all backgrounds, steadily building a staircase for the women of today to climb and rise up on. It is an exciting moment, a result of women coming together and declaring their rights to be heard, valued, respected and celebrated for the assets that they are and always have been to society. The young girls growing up in today’s times are fortunate to be witnessing so many examples of strong women who have refused to stop short under the proverbial glass ceiling. They have examples of this in so many industries, from music to science to diplomacy and government roles and so much more. 

We’re all about celebrating the girl power that was always their and this newfound momentum that girls and women have built. This is why we love celebrating the sisterhood we all share. This is not just applying to actual, biological sisters; we’re talking about the shared experiences that bind us all together - whether it’s sisters, friends, cousins, mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, granddaughters and grandmothers, the list goes on! One wonderful and memorable way of showcasing this bond in a fun way is matching or coordinating. Clothes are an outward expression of our inner selves that we all partake in - why not share this experience and use it to showcase our unity and love for one another? 

Matching at the Gym

Talk about girl power! Staying fit is an activity many of us enjoy, and it’s vital to our health. It’s also a constant challenge for our bodies and minds. Staying consistent and pushing ourselves to the limit makes us warriors and it’s something that helps us all get stronger every time! Share this with your fitlife warrior. Rock matching mother daughter printed leggings + cute crop tops or printed sports bras. Coordinate some cute printed biker shorts and a tank with your bestie or your cousin. Whomever it is that you hit the gym with, show that unity in strength with matching gym outfits


Matching While Shopping or Out and About

Whether you’re headed to the grocery store, to the post office, to the vet’s office, to the mall or for a casual lunch date, coordinating with your ‘sister’ is always fun! Even if you don’t want to 100% match, you two can always channel the same vibe and rock some ripped jeans, comfy flats and crop top or a vibrantly printed blouse. If you’re a mommy and it’s your daughter, she may or may not be wanting to go do errands with you, but if you make it a matching outing, she just may enjoy the extra time she’ll have spending with you. 


Matching at Events, Brunch and Parties

Got a bridal shower, brunch, or party to attend with your gal pal? Whoever your soul sister is to you, link your outfits together - choose a matching theme like animal print or floral print. Maybe you two want different prints but want to wear matching silhouettes. Choose a sophisticated shift dress and pair with wedge heels or sandals. Find a fun way to coordinate with her and show up at that event slaying together!

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