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Strengthening that Mother Daughter Bond Through Fitness

by Mary Visconti 22 Jul 2019

No matter what age you and your daughter are, you’ll always need to make quality time for each other so you can keep your bond strong. There’s something about those mommy and me outings that keep your ties close. But sometimes, it can be easy to fall into a routine. What is it that you two end up defaulting to every time? Maybe it’s the weekend mani/pedis, the lunches or the mall shopping dates that you two do together the most. While these are fun activities, they can end up getting repetitive and not to mention expensive. Why not incorporate something new you can do together? Getting active and staying fit is a great way to spend time with your little one or not so little one, depending on her age. Here are some fun fitness activities that can keep your mother daughter quality time fun and your bond strong! 

Yoga Classes

Yoga can be fun for girls and women of any age! It’s amazing for your body and the relaxation techniques incorporated in it can help reduce chronic pain, lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia. It helps develop your strength, flexibility and mind-body awareness. You and your daughter will have fun learning the poses, comparing your progress and watching your growth in the skills that you learn. You’ll also love wearing cute yoga outfits together - make it a thing! A proper mommy-daughter date means rocking matching printed yoga leggings and sports bras or loose yoga tops. Yoga is a great habit to instill in your daughter’s life and it’s a great thing to add to your own routine! 


Dance Classes

This is one of the most fun ways of staying fit and bonding with someone. Dance also has tons of health benefits like improved condition of your heart and lungs, increased endurance, muscle strength and motor fitness, increased muscle tone, it aids in weight management, promotes stronger bones, coordination, agility and flexibility.  It doesn’t matter if one of you is a great dancer and the other is just learning, or if you both are dance pros or if neither of you have danced a step in your lives - here are dance classes out there for everyone! Find a common ground - whether it’s the lively sounds of zumba, or the exotic and intriguing style of bellydance. Maybe you’re both more into pop and hip hop, or perhaps you love the rhythms in African dance, or even something like ballet or flamenco - whatever it is, find some classes in your area, throw on some cute dance gear like colorful leggings and a printed sports bra - and get moving together! Learning something and facing challenges together are two things that really help develop super strong ties between people. This is why dance is the perfect mother-daughter activity. 


Self Defense Classes 

Another great fitness activity mother and daughter can enjoy together is a self-defense fitness class. You have plenty of options here, just like in dance. There is Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, boxing, self defense MMA or mixed martial arts, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido and so much more. This is also an important skill to have for yours and your daughter’s safety in general. You’ll be teaching her how important it is to be self-sufficient, to be confident in her skills, how to leverage her own strength and you’ll be teaching her that no matter how young or old you are, there is always room to learn something new in life. 


Swimming and/or Aquafit Classes 

Swimming is, hands down, one of the best full body workouts around. It is also a great choice for low impact fitness since it takes impact stress off your joints and your body. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength, muscle toning, lung strength and cardiovascular wellness. It is also tons of fun! Most people, whether kids, teens or adults, love jumping into a pool and splashing around! It is also an important survival skill to have in general. If you and your minime would rather not take swimming, there is also aquafit classes that incorporate aerobic workouts, led by an instructor in a pool. 

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