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Strengthening that Mother Daughter Bond Through Relaxation/Meditation

by Mary Visconti 01 Aug 2019

Moms and daughters are always looking for new ways to keep that bond strong. But who says it has to be shopping and mani/pedis all the time? Break the routine and do something together that helps you both relax, find mental peace and overall wellness. Picking up a new tradition together that involves relaxation or meditation can be amazing for your wellness and your bond. Here are a few ideas that incorporate wellness into your mommy daughter date days: 

Take a Meditation or Breathing Class Together

Our schedules can get so hectic these days. Finding time to slow down and center yourself can easily be forgotten if you don’t make the time. If you already have quality time with your mini me as a priority in your schedule, double it up - do two things at once. Fit in a little self care into your routine by doing it together with your daughter! If she’s a little older, old enough to be able to sit still and focus on her breathing, or if she’s an adult - either way and any age in between, she will benefit immensely by learning essential breathing techniques. A meditation class will help you and your daughter find mental peace. Here are some benefits of meditation classes: 

  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Could help fight anxiety, depression and addictions
  • Lengthens attention span
  • Reduces age related memory loss
  • Reduces stress
  • Aids emotional health 

And more. 


Take a Yoga Class Together

Yoga is good for the mind, the body and the soul! You will both benefit from these classes by building your muscle strength and your tone, you will increase your flexibility, improve athletic performance and it will help your breathing. It’s also good for weight control because it improves your metabolism. Make it a fun mommy daughter date by rocking some matching yoga leggings and sports tops! A hack to get your little one extra excited? Choose fun, vibrant prints for your matching yoga sets so she will look forward to wearing her new yoga clothes at your yoga class together. 


Enjoy a Spa Day Together

Treat your mini me (and yourself) to a relaxing spa session. If you’re concerned about price, you can find some good deals on Groupon for spa days. Release those toxins in a sauna or soak in a hot tub. Get massages and facials together to rejuvenate your skin and to melt away all that stress that tends to build up in your muscles. Even if your daughter is in grade school, it can be easy to look at her like she’s care-free and shouldn’t have any stress - but the truth is, we all experience different challenges in our life at every stage. Treating her to a spa day will remind her that everything will be ok and that we, as humans, are built to get through it all. You’ll appreciate the wonderful treatments at your spa day, but the most relaxing and enjoyable part? The fact that you’ll be experiencing it all together! 

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