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Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

by Mary Visconti 07 Jun 2019

If you have a summer baby that celebrates a birthday during this season, you’re probably on the hunt for some fun birthday party ideas. Here are some fun party ideas to celebrate your child turning another year older and to kick off the summer:

Pool Party

This is a no brainer, especially if you happen to have a pool, or if you have a friend or relative willing to let you use their pool or if you live somewhere with a community use pool. The summer pool party is a quintessential part of the season and really lets kids experience the fun of school being out and having fun together. Play games like marco polo, pool volleyball, and hold some pool relay races, or play red light green light. Maybe give away some cute pool swim goggles as party favors! It’s not summer without a pool party!


Splash Party

No pool? No problem! There’s plenty of other water activities that don’t involve a pool. Set up a slip n slide in your backyard with some soap to make it slippery and turn on that water hose. Fill up multiple coolers’ worth of water balloons, pass out some super soakers, turn on the sprinklers and watch everyone splash around and have a blast.

Color Party

It’s popular at music festivals and religious celebrations abroad - why not make it a thing for your kids birthday party? Hold the party either in a big backyard or a park, with plenty of outdoor space. Ask everyone to come wearing clothes they don’t mind getting color on or ask them to bring a change of clothes for after. Light clothes or white tees work best so they can show off their colors after all the fun. Supply your guests with sunglasses or preferably goggles to ensure no powder gets into their eyes as its being thrown, play some kid friendly electronic music or whatever type of music your kids like, pass out non-toxic colored powder bags which can be found online or made at home and let the kids run around flinging the paint powder around. It will be one big, unforgettable flurry of color your kids will have a blast creating!


Campfire Party

If your kids and their friends love camping, invite everyone to bring their sleeping bags and pitch some tents to make it a camp themed sleepover. You can get a bonfire going ( with plenty of adult supervision, of course.) and pass out ingredients to make s’mores. You can have the kids stories or you can be the one to tell stories - they can funny, scary or adventurous. Play games like mad libs, telephone, truth or dare (with rules in place so it doesn’t get crazy) and more. This kind of party can be held at a park or in the backyard.


Yoga / Gymnastics Party

Depending on your kids’ interests, of course, if they love to be active or are into gymnastics or stretching, make the party about that! Have everyone come in their favorite yoga leggings and fitness wear and bring a mat so they can have a yoga sesh at your party. You can hire an instructor to come in and lead. Or, if your daughter and her friends are more into gymnastics, you can look into renting a gym space and having them enjoy an afternoon full of tumbling, flipping, cartwheels, roundhouses and more. A nice party favor would be a cute, funky pair of leggings for everyone!


Outdoor Movie

If your kids love watching movies and love being outdoors, give them the best of both worlds! You can buy or rent a projector screen and projector and show a movie outdoors as everyone lays on sheets, sleeping bags and pillows. Pass out popcorn and snacks, just like at the movies!

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