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Summer Camp Outfit Ideas for Your Little Girl

by Mary Visconti 23 May 2019

Is your little girl headed to camp this summer? She might be super excited to hit the trails and participate in activities, but she’ll surely be bummed out if she goes without packing the right stuff. Packing for summer camp means being strategic. You have to be sure you bring the right kinds of clothes, the right toiletries and the “just in case” kits for those unexpected occurrences.  But focusing on what she should wear to summer camp, she’ll likely want to feel comfortable - but she’ll also want to look great! Here’s how to merge the two and pack the right summer camp outfits for your little girl:

Funky printed leggings and a custom printed tee

Leggings are a great choice for any outdoorsy situation and it will be a must for your little girl’s summer camp suitcase. Here’s why leggings are the perfect choice for an active, outdoorsy summer camp:

  • They’re light
  • stretchy
  • comfy
  • will help protect against bug bites
  • covers the skin (blocking direct sun and bug bite access) without making her feel hot and uncomfortable.
  • Stylish and trendy

If you choose fun printed leggings, maybe with an outdoorsy floral or palm print and pair it with either a matching tee or a solid colored tee, your little girl will have an outfit she’ll be excited to wear. Custom printing the tee will give it that extra flair of personalization and uniqueness. If you’re daughter’s extra imaginative and loves fantasy, she’ll love a pair of unicorn printed leggings to express herself while at camp - it will be a guaranteed way for her to connect with other girls who love them, too!


Airy Shorts and a Sleeveless Top

For those hot summer days running around in open fields, playing on obstacle courses or capture the flag, she’ll want to just go back to basics. Choose a light, airy fabric for the shorts that won’t be restricting or cause chaffing. Khaki or cotton is always a great choice. Choose a cute cotton tank top to pair with the shorts. If she loves looking stylish, even on a sporty day, choose a nice, floral printed stretchy top and pair it with pastel colored shorts - maybe a soft salmon color, a vibrant coral, a pastel pink, blue or mint or a bright white.


Layer Up

Depending on where you live and where she’ll be camping, a light outer layer might be a good idea. Even if the outdoors will be hot, sometimes indoor areas, like cafeterias and meeting halls can have the A/C blasting. It’s a good Idea to include some layers in your little girl’s backpack. It can be a light cardigan or sweater, if it gets cooler at night or if she’ll be bunking somewhere where there is a potential of her being chilly. It can also help keep her covered from bugs at night. A light jean jacket or cotton outer layer can also help for certain environments. Packing a raincoat is also an essential, just in case!

Other Items to Pack for a Nature Oriented Camping Trip:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A visor or baseball cap
  • Bugspray
  • Bath and Swim Towels
  • Swimsuit(s) multiple are always best if she’ll be swimming back to back days
  • Flip Flops
  • Sneakers
  • Extra socks
  • Plenty of Hair ties
  • A comfort stuffed animal or doll - especially if your little one tends to get homesick
  • Fanny pack or mini backpack to take with her on group treks
  • Mobile friendly snacks, like granola bars, organic fruit snacks, nuts, or other things
  • Water shoes ( if there will be water activities)
  • Snorkel ( if there will be water activities)
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