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Tea Party Themed Birthday Itinerary

by Rebecca Gold 09 Jun 2021

Every little girl’s birthday is a special day that they look forward to all year. Parents of young girls know that at any point in time in the year, their daughter will know exactly how many days are left in the countdown to their birthday! That’s why it’s so important to celebrate it in a way she’ll never forget! No pressure, right? If you’re a mom looking for a birthday party idea for your young daughter, we have a great suggestion. Throw your mini-me a charming tea party themed party and she’ll have the time of her life.

If your little girl LOVES wearing pretty dresses and setting up all her stuffed animals at a table, serving them imaginary tea, this is exactly the type of affair she’ll adore. Invite her friends over and let her imagination become reality! Here’s how:



A proper tea party isn’t a casual event. It is a VERY dressy, very feminine function. Think fairy-like! First, you’ll need to find a nice setting. A nice backyard with rose bushes and flowers is PERFECT. If you prefer an indoor space, you can decorate your dining room table, or set up a table in your daughter’s room. You’ll want to decorate the party with things like lace doilies, flowers, butterflies, pearls and fine china. No plasticware will do - you’ll need to find teacups, silverware and place settings fit for a princess! Go vintage for a truly authentic, fairy-tale feel. Place settings with every girl’s name on it are a must. The ultimate tea party accessory? High-tea, stackable serving towers.

Dress Code

Dress Code

Ask the girls who are coming to the party to wear their favorite princess dresses. Think Alice in Wonderland or the Fairies from Sleeping beauty! Dresses with floral prints are exactly on-theme; ribbons in the hair, butterfly clips, pastel colored lace dresses for girls, shiny pink and purple satin dresses, dresses with volume and petticoats - anything they can twirl in and feel fabulous wearing will be a hit!

Tea Party Themed Menu

Tea Party Themed Menu

Give your girls a selection of teas. Fruity teas, like raspberry and orange spice are always a great choice. Some other herbal teas could also be great, like Jasmine, Chamomile, or Mint. There are some wonderful tea blends kids would love, that don’t contain caffeine, with blends like Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Red Velvet and more.

For foods, go for finger foods, like crackers and cheese or small, bite-sized, light tea sandwiches with things like cucumber, tuna, turkey and mayo, ham and cheese or PB&J. Fruits like grapes, strawberries and apple slices are great. For desserts, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, brownies, macarons, cookies, and hand pies are perfect.



Some fun things to do at your tea party include, hat decorating, games and tea serving ceremony. Make the tea serving process a ceremonious event to give the party that fancy feel.

Hat decorating: Fancy hats are a big part of a fancy function. Give your girls easy materials to work with and have them create their tea party hats.

Games: I’m a Little Teapot Freeze Game; The Telephone Game; Blind Tea Test, Coloring, Tea Bag Toss Game where players take turns throwing tea bags into tea cups for points, Sugar Cube stacking game and more! Get creative with the theme and have fun!

Goodie Bags: You can have the girls take home their tea cups, or gift them with a whole new, unused tea cup. Goodie bags can be filled with chocolates, stickers, bracelets, rings, lace gloves, mini-cakes, tea bags, and more.

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