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The Art of Slaying in the LBD (Little Black Dress)

by Ivanna Griner 20 Dec 2017

There’s nothing more tride and true than that trusty little black dress. When you’ve tried on every possible combination of everything you own in the mirror and left it in a sad pile on the floor, you can always put on the LBD and know that you’ll look perfect. The LBD is timeless, seasonless and flattering for every shape and size.  

But even in the world of the LBD, there are still decisions to make. Like what accessories to wear, which silhouette is right for your body, and which style is right for what event. Here’s the quick guide on how to not just wear - but to SLAY- in the little black dress!


Style it to the occasion

One of the many great things of the LBD is it’s versatility. You can, of course, do the fancy thing and wear a sexy black dress, tight, strappy and short, with some 6 inch stiletto heels, or you can make it the most casual thing in the world by rocking a loose fit, throw a jean jacket over it and some white sneakers. You can throw your hair in a messy bun with this outfit, don some oversized sunglasses and head out makeup-free.

There’s also plenty you can do in between these 2 extremes. If you’re going to gala or super dressy event, a long black dress with dramatic plunges or intricate beading, embroidery or other embellishments will look fabulous. If it’s date night, a flirty black skater dress will do. It’s all about knowing what the occasion is - and hitting the nail on the head with just the right outfit.

Choose your look and run with it

Once you’ve identified where you’re going and what’s appropriate- you can choose who you want to be. Will you look perfectly appropriate for the event like a Natalie Portman? Are you feeling classic, elegant and charming- like Audrey Hepburn? Or are you ready to turn up the drama and make a statement - like Gaga? The LBD lends itself to all three. The key is to choose your look - then commit!

It’s very easy to wear something that’s perfectly appropriate with little black dresses. A classy look starts with a classy dress. If you’re going for that clean, elegant look, choose a skater dress, well structured black bodycon dress or midi dress. Then style it with pearls or diamonds, if you’re channeling Audrey. If you’re more of a Natalie, a few modern metallic pieces, like gold or silver accessories can make you look just right for whatever event. But if you’re looking to put together a statement look, don’t be afraid to be daring. Take chances like Gaga! Add a bold color pop in the shoe along with your LBD. Mix fabrics and textures in an avante-garde way. You can also go boho with your black dress, a big derby hat and some mid calf booties.

You got it - so flaunt it

If you’ve got a shape you love to show off - whether it’s a curvy plus size or a statuesque, lean frame with mile long legs, there’s an LBD just for you. A one-shoulder bodycon black cocktail dress tends to really flatter every size and frame. The black helps hide smaller details and highlights your overall silhouette. What more could a girl want from a dress?

Curves or a lean shape is one thing you might have- but what if what you got and want to flaunt is your bond with your daughter? The rule applies here, too. If you’ve got a special bond with your mini-me, show it off with mommy and me matching black dresses. A black lace dress that fits like a shift dress, paired with some flats and sophisticated hair and jewelry choices is appropriate and charming for both mother and daughter. An empire waist or A-line dress is also adorable for a twinning, mother-daughter look.

Whatever the occasion, whatever your mood or shape - you can always count on looking chic and fashionable with the LBD. Choose your look, own it, then slay away!

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