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The Trendiest Fall Activewear for 2018

by Tina Bryant 16 Oct 2018

We blinked and more than half of 2018 flew by. Can you believe we’re already heading into fall? For yogis and fitness heads, there is no difference from season to season, other than the weather. The gym and yoga sessions continue on, from month to month, never slowing down because it’s a lifestyle! But if you are a dedicated yogi or fitness lover, now is the time to hit refresh on your activewear. While it still feels like summer, the temperatures will begin to dip just a bit as we head into the tail end of the year and having the right fitness clothes can keep you comfortable through your workouts. And actually, seeing new leggings or sports bras or tanks hanging in your closet will probably get you more excited to hit the gym! Refresh your fall fitness wardrobe with some of these trendy fall fitness pieces:

Fun, Funky Printed Leggings

Admit it; the last time you rocked a fun, funky printed legging, you were practically bouncing off the walls! A standard black legging is always flattering, but there’s something extra energizing about wearing a bold print to spice it up.

The best part about bold printed leggings is you can go as colorful and vibrant as you want - floral print, fruit print, tribal patterns or animal print - and then tame it with a solid top. It can be a loose fitting tank or even long sleeved, drapey top. In the gym, it’ll help you sweat more; or, if you need to run errands before or after the workout, a contrasted, loose-fitting, muted color top will give you that comfy, athleisure look that takes you from gym to anywhere else, seamlessly.


Cut Out Tops and Printed Sports Bras

One hot trending look that isn’t going anywhere is the layered look featuring interesting cut outs in fitness tops, revealing bright or printed sports bras underneath. As the weather begins to get milder and cooler, you’ll be able to wear more layers and that’s when the fun starts. A lightweight, drapey yoga top, with sleeves or without, featuring a keyhole cutout in the chest area or back will give an interesting, dynamic and trendy look with a strappy sports bra underneath; or a printed sports bra with an interesting design for a pop under a standard solid top.

Solid Color or Muted Color Leggings + Vibrant Tops

We covered the muted top + bright, bold bottom already; but the reverse is also a hit for fall fitness trends. Rock a flattering black legging, or any other solid color - from hunter green to burgundy to sapphire blue - and pair it with a fun, bright yoga top or sports bra. If you love a printed legging no matter what, you can still maintain this contrast by choosing a smaller print with a toned down, fall color. Floral isn’t just for spring and summer anymore, it’s also perfect for fall; so you can pair a floral legging or a boho  chevron, or tribal printed legging together with a matching printed crop top for a cohesive fall fitness look.


These are just 3 ways to play around with fall Yoga wear to keep your fitness wardrobe options fun and on-trend for the new season that’s fast approaching.

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