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Top 11 activities that can go wrong without our activewear!

by Rebecca Gold 07 Dec 2018

You like our activewear but are still hesitant as to whether you’re going to wear it in your daily life? Don’t worry, we’ve taken care of this issue and made sure that it’s a functional part of your wardrobe and a go-to outfit for whatever activities you have in your life!

1. Yoga

If you’re into yoga then our high-waisted pants or capris and comfy bras are definitely for you! They will hold up through all your moving.


“Doing my yoga session on the beach at sunset time with my new comfy floral sports bra and leggings.”


Thank you @pineappleclothing_com for these leggings that are super comfortable: for real they don’t slide down my hips and they bend with me as I bend!”

2. Pilates

Once you try doing pilates in our clothes, you won’t take those off! They’ll stay put and feel like a second skin.

“Amazing hip flexor stretching in some really cute active wear. It gets people smiling when you rock it down the street or in the studio”


"This legging make the side kick looks prettier"

3. Working out

We know that your workout can’t go well without a pair of squat proof leggings and a supportive bra. Here you go!


“Workout clothes for me can’t just be cute, they have to be functional. They have to stay put when I squat, run, jump and sweat. Loving these unique, fun prints from @pineappleclothing_com. They hold up to the demands of my workouts yet look stylish enough to run errands after the gym.”


"I freaking love my old school tattoo pants from @pineappleclothing_com . I love these pants! They stay put, they're squat proof and so unique.”

4. Pole dancing

Of course you need to look as graceful as a swan while pole dancing. Thus, our soft bras will make you look gorgeous yet still have a snug fit.


             "Handsprings are my favourites.”


"A butterfly among the butterflies. Thanks to #pineappleclothing for my new outfit!"

5. Running

You’re a professional runner, marathoner or just love morning jogging and you’re in desperate need of pants that will not ride down every 5 minutes? Grab these!

“This was my first run wearing @pineappleclothing_com leggings. I was impressed! Not only are they super soft and comfortable, they also stayed exactly where I needed them to stay. Other leggings I have tend to shift downward as I run. Which means I’m often tugging them back up. But not these! Never once did I have to readjust them.”


"Went for a short run with my new "oh my deer" yoga pants."

6. Hiking

Going hiking? Don’t forget to put our pants on to make sure everything is covered yet not binding.


“Loving my cute @pineappleclothing_com hike outfit!”


"Another solo hike, another awkward photo."

7. Dancing

You love dancing? Our clothes won’t restrict any of your moves and will feel great while stretching!


“There clothing is such a good quality material!!!”


“I LOVE dancing in their super comfy and soft leggings!”

8. Ballet

To become a great ballet dancer, one must have enough confidence and our gear will bring it to you for sure!


“I’m loving my new activewear from @pineappleclothing_com it’s so comfy!”


“I recently received a wonderful package from @pineappleclothing_com. Their clothes turned out to be really very comfortable and versatile.”

9. Gymnastics

Who said that gymnastics is just about jumping, stretching and performing? It’s also about wearing stylish as well as comfy clothes!




              “Ready to start the new week!!!”

10. Zumba

Whether you teach zumba or just attend dance classes you need an appropriate outfit that is super cute. Here it comes!




“I pretty much LIVE in workout clothes, so it’s a lot of fun to wear cool looking prints.”

11. Casual wearing

Busy running errands, doing grocery shopping or just hanging out with friends? Our leggings are a must-have for you! You’ll feel comfy during the day and still stand out from the crowd!


“I love chilling in my Pineapple Clothing leggings! They’re super comfy but also stylish and unique!”


“I am so in love with my new leggings from @pineappleclothing_com. They are comfy, super stretchy, and surprisingly not see through for being white.”

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