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Top of the Year Family Outings

by Tina Bryant 06 Feb 2019

The holidays have come and gone and it’s a new year. Time for fresh new beginnings and that means it’s a perfect time to hit the reset button on your family life routine and try out some new things. Take a trip to refresh the energy or just do some fun family outings to keep your bond strong as you head into the rest of the new year.

Explore your Local Tourism  

As locals, we all become desensitized to what our home city or town has to offer. Remember that anywhere you live, no matter how great or boring it is, there’s someone else who has never experienced it and wishes they could go visit. Forget you were ever a local and pretend to be a tourist in your hometown for once. Is there a local historical attraction like a park, museum, statue or memorial that everyone goes to that you’ve never seen? Is there a beach you never go to because there’s too many visitors there? How about a local theme park you seem to always forget about? Take the family there! Remind them how lucky you all are to be where you are and appreciate the things you have around you. Make it even more of a fun group activity by wearing matching family outfits - it’ll also help you keep track of everyone when you’re running around having fun.


Take a Class Together

Not looking to do a whole day or vacation length trip? Then look on Groupon or Eventbrite or any event-themed websites and find a fun class you and your spouse and kids would enjoy doing together. There’s classe for everything! Whether it’s a yoga class and you and your kids throw on your favorite yoga leggings and yoga gear and get to stretching; or whether it’s a dance class, cooking class, painting class or any other time of class, being together and learning something new will be a cherished memory to look back on later- and you will come out of it having learned a new skill.


Explore Your Inner Kid with your Kids

You have to be the adult 100% - allow yourself to cut loose and connect with your kid side again! Organize a family bowling night; or find a gaming hall like Dave and Buster’s or Chuckie Cheese or a Bumper Car place and let loose! Is there a carnival or fair in town? Go hop on the ferris wheel or Gravitron and enjoy some funnel cake or fried oreos! Lucky enough to have one of those indoor trampoline parks, ninja lounges or escape rooms? Your kids will appreciate watching you relax and stop being so “parenty” all the time. These are the opportunities to really enjoy your kids and connect with them.


Hit the Great Outdoors as a Family

Depending on how much time you have and if your kids and spouse really like doing these types of things, there are plenty of outdoorsy, naturey things to do! Go camping in a local National Park (or take a roadtrip if you’re not that close to one.) Got white water rafting or hiking or kayaking as options where you live? Gather the fam and get them pumped about being out in nature! If woodsy environments are not your thing, then maybe a beach is more your speed. Whatever it is, fresh air does the body and mind good. Getting your kids unplugged and out living life in the now is the perfect way to keep your family ties and bonds stronger than ever before.


Whatever you choose to do, remember you’re building on your family bonds and getting to know each other better. Your times together will make for precious memories you will look back on for years to come.

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