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Two-Piece Sets That Will Make You Take the Fashion Scene by Storm

by Tina Bryant 26 Mar 2019

Blossom by blossom the spring has come. You puzzle over how to brighten up your spring wardrobe without breaking a bank. Here’s what to stock up on for an effortless yet stylish, seasonable look. A two-piece set is another stunner every girl should have in her closet. It’s a perfect choice to get dressed super easy, because matching pieces go together perfectly, and you don’t need that extra 5 minutes to step out in style.

Florals look gorgeous on you 🌸

Spring is the best time to show off your natural hue and boast about your own fashion sense. Let’s adorn you in a two-piece floral set and beautify the world. Choose a classic floral printed Betty set for a daytime look, school, and for your workout. An adorable Lisa set that features printed leggings and a boho-inspired tank top is perfect for getaways and festivals. If you like to play around with style, you may love our Donna set: its trendy, solid, high-low tank top pairs perfectly with a printed sports bra or another crop top.


Your closet needs a pop of glitter ✨

When you already know that your top and bottom go together perfectly, a stunning look is ready in a blink. Our black and gold, pink and silver, blue and silver glitter print sets are wardrobe essentials every lazy girl should have. Bold shimmering duo will make you stand out in the crowd. Play with style, colors, and light wearing these glittering two-piece outfits. Wear a top with a mismatched bottom, and vice versa. Really, you buy two items for the price of one.


Tropical Blessings 🙌🏻

If you’re planning to meet the beginning of April somewhere in the tropics, make sure you have packed our tropical printed two-piece set. If not, here are some hacks for you. You can choose the Tropical Dream Donna Set or the Electric Jungle Betty Set. For a dynamic duo, grab the Island Life Zoe Flamingo T-shirt and the Island Life leggings or biker shorts. Discover more tropical prints at

XO 🍍

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