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What to Wear for Spring Weddings

by Tina Bryant 13 Feb 2019

While it might not feel like it with the current Winter cold, Spring IS around the corner. Before you know it, all those save the dates for the spring weddings you’re invited to will be current. Have you figured out what you’re going to wear? It can be hard to figure out what to wear to a spring wedding while the only thing you feel like wearing is faux fur coats and fluffy, snuggly clothes to keep you warm. Here are our recommendations on what to stock up on now to be spring wedding ready!

Feminine, Flirty and Delicate Textures

Before we get into silhouettes and colors, let’s talk about fabrics and textures. Spring is about delicate feels and soft colors; and if you’re going to a wedding, this is the most romantic event you can attend. That means romantic fabrics will look stunning and appropriate for you as a guest. Dreamy fabrics like chiffon can make you look and feel like you’re floating on a cloud of love. It creates a very ethereal look. A beautiful lace dress is a classic choice that always has been and always will be appropriate for weddings and everyone involved - from the guest to the flower girl to the bridesmaid to the bride herself. You can never go wrong when choosing a lace dress to wear as a wedding guest. A more trending fabric that is appropriate right now is silk or satin; the sheen and reflective nature of this fabric has captured everyone’s attention - it isn’t just for minimalistic night slips anymore; it is being used for bodycon dresses, satin cocktail dresses, silky shift dresses and more. It looks classy, romantic, is appropriate for both day and night and is very on trend right now.


Spring Colors and Patterns

#1 on the patterns agenda: FLORALS. Spring is about busting out of that winter rut; no more snow days, no more dried up foliage - everything is fresh, green, vibrant and growing! Floral dresses and skirt + top looks are the perfect choice for a wedding guest and for bridesmaids. Other patterns to go with are, as mentioned before, lace; another more bold choice is a sequined dress - tone this look down by choosing a neutral or soft metallic color like beige + gold or a grey + silver; rose gold is also another beautiful, flattering and on-trend choice. Other colors that look absolutely gorgeous during a spring wedding are soft lilacs and mauves, dusty rose, mint greens and muted teals; neutrals like beiges, taupes and nudes look very chic and elegant. If you go for a neutral colored outfit like a beige dress, you may want to make sure you contrast with a bolder makeup or at least lip color to give it a pop.

Pro tip: Avoid wearing white; although it is an appropriate and beautiful color to wear for spring, it is best not to wear the color reserved for the bride on her day.



Lastly, you’ll want to find the right silhouette for your wedding guest attire. If you want to go for feminine, fit and flare dresses are perfect. The skater dress practically looks like a flower in bloom, the way it fits you around the waist then flares out at the bottom, like petals. A baby blue skater dress would look lovely. Another fit and flare dress style is the empire waist dress. A sleeveless empire waist dress or a quarter length empire waist dress creates that very delicate A-line look that looks classy and appropriate.

For a more fitted, body flattering and sexy fit, consider the bodycon silhouette. A pink midi bodycon dress or a floral patterned quarter length sleeved bodycon dress accentuates the waist and a creates a lovely shape. If weather permits, a one shoulder bodycon party dress, whether solid colored or splashed with a bold, festive pattern will also have you looking striking and trendy at the next wedding you’re invited to.

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