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Why We Love Mommy and Me Style

by Tina Bryant 24 Oct 2018

The mother daughter bond is absolutely priceless and should be cherished for as long as possible. It’s a connection like none other in this world - which is why we love that there’s a whole fashion genre for it! We’ve seen celebs like Beyoncé and Blue Ivy + Kim Kardashian and her little North rock identical versions of the same outfit - and every time we see it, our hearts skip a beat.

But it’s nothing new - it’s been done for over 100 years now. Back in the day, it was a sign of affluence because it took a serious budget to afford a tailor who could make 2 outfits in a grown woman version and a tiny human version. Nowadays, it doesn’t have to be difficult or overpriced to find mom and daughter matching shirts, dresses or outfits. Here’s a few reasons why we love mommy and me style.


It Strengthens the Mother-Daughter Bond

Mothers and daughters are usually trying to find ways to feel closer to each other. Young daughters look up to their mom as a role model and if they love mom’s style, they will eventually want to be just like her. Why not indulge a little? Mommy and me outfits are about looks that flatter both a full grown woman in her 20’s, 30’s or 40’s - and the young daughter in her young ages, from toddler to teenager and beyond. An example of this is a dress silhouette that works for both body types such as the classic shift dress or empire waist dress. Let your daughter look just like her favorite role model for once!


It Gives Your Daughter Creative Control

A great way to go about something like this is asking your daughter what sorts of outfits she likes to wear, what she likes seeing you in - then asking her to pick out a style or two for both of you to wear. This puts her in the creative director’s seat and gets her thinking about what she’d like to wear instead of all the time relying on you to pick it out for her. If your mini-me just wants to do matching mommy and me tops with a floral print and then you each choose different bottoms, perfect! If she wants to get everyone in the family involved, you can do matching family shirts or coordinating prints.


It’s Appropriate for Any Age

While a teenage daughter will most likely not want to go anywhere looking like mom, once she passes those rebel years, she may want to come back around and try it like she once did as a toddler and young girl. The reality is, if you find the right, ageless outfit or dress, it can do wonders for both of you. And keep in mind, you don’t have to make both outfits exactly matchy matchy; you could both wear the same silhouette but different colors; different but complimenting colors, or a coordinating overall look made up of different pieces. You can even match with an infant - mommy and baby matching tops are a great way to close the age gap between an infant and a grown woman.  It doesn’t matter if you’re 45 and your daughter’s 5...mommy and me style is perfect for every age.

The best part of mommy and me is the fun you’ll have together planning and picking out the outfit. Check out our mommy and me clothing boutique to find the latest trends and most colorful prints for mom and daughter. Whether its a matching floral dress or a matching pair of leggings + top, mommy and me style isn’t going anywhere.

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