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Airport Fashion: What to Wear for that Flight

by Rebecca Gold 11 Jan 2023

Tis’ the time of year to catch a flight! And if you’re a fashionista like we are, you’ll want to make the airport your runway. Airport fashion is all about effortless style mixed with practicality and comfort.

Sweatpants and Hoodie Set + Fire Kicks

Sweatpants and Hoodie Set + Fire Kicks

This outfit is both the most comfortable and the most fashionable look for the airport. The matching sweatpants and hoodie combo has been a strong trend for the past few years and it’s still going strong - it gives effortless chic like no other outfit. It says I’m comfortable being me and I don’t need to try too hard. And it’s the perfect level of softness that you’ll appreciate wearing when you’re waiting at the gate where they just love to pump the A/C full blast!

The key to wearing the sweatpants and hoodie combo is all in the shoe - make sure you’re rocking a dope pair of kicks to set the whole outfit off right! A monochromatic top and bottom set needs a bold, colorful pop - so make sure you plan the look around a statement shoe to ensure maximum fashionista vibes. 

Comfortable Jersey Dress + Chunky Sneakers and High Socks

Comfortable Jersey Dress + Chunky Sneakers and High Socks

What’s easier than throwing on just one piece for your outfit? A comfortable jersey dress is the answer to everything - especially one with pockets and a hood. Jersey dresses tend to fit on the looser side, so you won’t feel any uncomfortable restriction on your body and you won’t be worrying about if you’re looking or feeling bloated - you can exhale, relax and still look chic. This look pairs best with chunky sneakers and high socks to stay current with the trending silhouette.

Loose Boyfriend Jeans, Top, Shacket and Comfy Zip-up Boots

Loose Boyfriend Jeans, Top, Shacket and Comfy Zip-up Boots

When it comes to the airport, the name of the game is convenience. Is your outfit expediting your experience? Having pockets will come in super handy so you have places to store your phone, your headphones, your receipts, your gum, passport, antibacterial gel  and boarding tickets.  

Having layers will allow you to adjust to whatever temperature your rapidly changing environments will be and still be comfortable. The last thing you want to do is get stuck at a gate or in a plane that is freezing cold and you didn’t bring proper layering so you’re freezing for hours. Boots (If they’re zip up boots) give you a fast way to get your shoes on and off for when you’re going through TSA. Coordinating the staples of a trendy boyfriend jean + a cute, form fitting top, a shacket and the boots all comes down to your color or print-preference, so get creative and have fun with it. If you’re wearing a shacket and feel comfortable with the fact that you’ll have a shacket cover-up, you could also go with a sports bra or a tank-length bra. The form-fitting top contrasts well with the slouchiness of a boyfriend jean, which gives this look 5 stars in the fashionista department.

Matching Leggings + Sports Bra + Floor Length Coat, Cardigan or Oversized Jacket

Matching Leggings + Sports Bra + Floor Length Coat, Cardigan or Oversized Jacket

Another effortless-chic look that is a classic for the on-the-go fashionista is the matching leggings + sports bra set. You can switch out the colors for anything but when it comes to traveling, your solid classics are the best go-to’s. Solid colored leggings with a matching sports bra - be it all black, all white, navy, olive green, chocolate, dark purple, burgundy or grey - all look super chic.

The layers at an airport and on an airplane are always essential so you can adjust to any extremes in temperatures - so be sure to throw on a floor length coat, cardigan or oversized jacket. A knit cardigan gives soft and feminine; a floor length coat gives VIP energy - pair it with a baseball cap or beanie and you’ve got celebrity undercover vibes on lock! An oversized jacket - whether it’s a jean jacket, leather jacket, or bomber jacket gives your look a structured layer that feels slightly rebellious or edgy. Pair this choice with some combat boots to keep the edgy theme going. 

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