Here are 5 main reasons why
you will love the quality of our clothing:


No one else has the designs we have at Pineapple clothing. We make distinct, one of a kind, luxury clothing. Our garments are treated as canvasses and we print them with our original patterns that you won’t find in any other clothing line. Each piece is its own work of art and speaks for itself. It's bold. It's feminine. It's unique.


When it comes to women’s clothing, we know that the right fit is everything. Our team has worked hard and spend a lot of time to create clothing with truly perfect fit. We are very proud of the fact that our pattern-maker has a track record of 25+ years’ experience and has been working before in New York City for some of the most well-known luxury fashion houses in the world. All our styles were specially made to flatter all types of different body types.


Pineapple uses only the highest-quality, luxury fabrics and raw materials to create each and every piece. We have our own strict regulations, for each fabric to comply with - the fabrics must be: eco-friendly, opaque, flattering, and cozy, featuring great colors and stable shapes. Thereby almost all of our garments (exception is only some delicate kind of fabrics, like chiffon) are washer and dryer safe.


Pineapple clothing is for individuals who are drawn to impeccable craftsmanship and those who appreciate the significance of perfectly stitched garments. Every detail matters! You can be sure that each piece is sewn and produced with no less than the best quality.


We are working exclusively with suppliers in Florida and can guarantee that our clothing line is 100% made in the USA.