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Pineapple clothing is a diverse line, made for women and girls to rock their personal styles in a bold new way. Seriously, life is too short for wearing boring dresses. Our bold, feminine clothing is full of fun and positivity. Pineapple features beautifully crafted floral prints that bring a smile to both the wearer and those passing by.

You need our designs for any event where you will have to dress to impress. What better way to do this than through matching mother-daughter dresses! Pineapple clothing will be sure to make an impression, both in-person at the event you attend and in the pictures you’ll have to remember these memories.


We believe that style is all about originality which is why we give you all the opportunities to let your personal style shine through! Our line is full of personality. We  clothe our pineapple girls and pineapple women in wearable works of art. Unique Pineapple garments are a great way for you to stand out.

To make an even more memorable impact, rock our custom printed t-shirt with your name on clever, trendy catchy phrases.


From matching leggings at the gym or for yoga class, to matching tops to go shopping or to run errands, there’s so many ways you and your daughter can showcase your relationship. Matching mother-daughter outfits are versatile, so you and your mini-me can go from a casual, daytime look to an evening look for holiday event.

During the upcoming holidays, when you’ll be around friends and family, you can show everyone the special bond you have with your mini-me by wearing our matching outfits. Not only will you be able to share your special connection with everyone, but you and your mini-me will be transformed into compliment magnets! This is also something that isn’t just for the Holiday seasons, but something that can be worn year round.


As we head into the holiday season, we want to make your task of finding the perfect gift just a bit easier; why not encourage a mother daughter bond with a special gift for both a mommy and a daughter that you know? (The extra perk: you get to knock off two birds with one gifting stone!) Gifting anything from matching yoga leggings to fabulous matching dresses make the perfect gift for moms and their mini-me’s to pull off that trending “twinning” look.


Make her dream come true, get her a chance to feel that she is exactly like you and to look just like you. She will be the happiest girl in the world! What’s more important than that?

Pineapple clothing makes for the best pictures and the sweetest memories,  guaranteed!