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2018 Yogawear Trends Perfect for Mommy and Me Dates

by Ivanna Griner 16 Jan 2018

For active moms everywhere, we have a perfect resolution you’ll actually be obsessed with for 2018: incorporating more mommy and me time into your fitness routine. It’s a great way to bond with your daughter and teach her the importance of an active lifestyle, not to mention how fun it will be for both of you. It’s another way to consolidate your time and to do two things at once while also living your best life with your mini-me!

How do you get your daughter on board with the idea? You can explain all the benefits of yoga, tell her how much fun you’ll both have, or, if all else fails, you can bribe her with cute yoga clothes. Looking forward into 2018, here are some of the yogawear styles you and your daughter will both love and that will be trending in the new year.


Color and Funky prints for Yoga Leggings

2017 saw a lot of neutrals and toned down colors like greys,blacks, taupes, beiges, mauves, periwinkle and more. Heading into the new year and breaking out of this nationwide cold spell, the energy is heading towards a more vibrant, fun look. Interesting prints for performance leggings like geometric patterns and of course florals will be big in the fitness apparel world this year. Colorful yoga leggings will go bolder than ever with bright yellows and oranges or fuschias; Garden chic pink and green and other fun combinations. Overall, we’ll see more daring combos that will make for much more fun choices that your daughter will be extra excited to wear. Kick off the new tradition with some cute mommy and me matching leggings so she can get motivated and on board with the idea of spending more quality time with mom while doing something healthy and active.


Eco-Friendly Yoga Wear

The entire beauty and fashion industry is taking a sharp turn into being more conscious and sustainable. Thanks to consumer demand, more and more makeup brands are making sure their makeup is cruelty-free and/or vegan. Globally, there is a positive shift towards leaving a smaller carbon footprint and operating in an eco-friendly way - it’s the way of the future and the way your daughter’s generation will most likely continue to develop; so it’s appropriate to invest in eco-friendly yoga pants, tops, and activewear as you teach your little one about sustainability and environmental responsibility.  It’s also a common theme that goes with the principles of yoga, so it’s truly a win win knowing your cute yoga clothes won’t be a burden on the environment. While there are several eco-friendly apparel brands out there, Pineapple Clothing offers not just eco-friendly women’s wear but also eco-friendly girl’s yoga pants.



In the past 3-5 years or so, athleisure has taken over the activewear industry, bridging the gap between fitness apparel and casual street clothing. It’s easily one of the best inventions of the decade - and it’s not going anywhere. 2018 is the year of bold, fun prints and so athleisure will reflect that. Funky, bold and colorful prints will not just be for the gym or for yoga class - they’ll be for brunch, running errands, and getting ice cream on a mother daughter day! Mother daughter yoga pants will take you both from yoga class to a shopping day at the mall, or visiting grandma.

The secret to kicking off this new tradition is simple: mommy and me leggings can be the ice breaker and the rest will follow suit! Make fitness mommy and me dates the new habit to pick up in 2018.

2018 Yogawear Trends Perfect for Mommy and Me Dates

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