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The Art of Wearing a Delicate Lace Dress all Year Round

by Ivanna Griner 09 Feb 2018

Some styles are 100% seasonal and really only work when the weather matches the look. For example, a thick wool coat or cardigan really only works in Winter or Fall. A spaghetti strap, flowing maxi dress with bright colors and tropical prints? You guessed it, that’s Spring and Summer. But there are a select few looks that are versatile enough to rock all year round. One of those is the lace dress. It’s a timeless textile that always makes the wearer look elegant, delicate and feminine. Here’s how to rock it season after season:


No matter what variation or specific trend is in, every year, spring is about pastel colors and soft, graceful looks. It’s high season for weddings, baptisms, Easter, brunches, baby showers, bridal showers and other soft, traditionally feminine, pretty events. A perfect choice for this is lace. A white lace bodycon dress is a great choice for any or all of these events, (except maybe the wedding, since white is typically reserved for the bride.) The only exception? If it’s an all white wedding or if the bridesmaids are rocking white.

A white lace bodycon is also a bit of contrast, since lace is usually symbolic of purity and offers a more demure side while the cut and silhouette of the bodycon hugs curves, giving it an edge. It’s a classy woman, in dress form. And for young girls and teens? A white lace empire dress or lace dress with sleeves is a beautiful look that celebrates their youth and vibrance - not to mention, it’s a great way for both mother and daughter to look great together if they’re rocking matching mother daughter lace dresses! Dusty pink, periwinkle and mint blue lace dresses are also gorgeous spring choices.


What’s summer without the summer dress? It’s the most comfortable and flattering look you can wear on those hot, sunny days. Add a touch of tenderness to your outfit with some lace. A white lace summer dress is appropriate for just about any event. Pair it with gold accessories and nude heels for an ultra chic ensemble.


It might seem like lace is only a spring and summer fabric, but it can look whimsical in the Fall if worn right. Sheer lace over block colors underneath can make for ethereal outfits. Black lace dresses with beige underlayers are a great look for fall festivals, birthdays or especially halloween themed events. A short lace dress is an enchanting selection for evening events with a seductive twist; paired with bright, beaded jewelry or metallics for a finishing touch. For that crisp fall air, a long sleeved lace cocktail dress will cast just the right spell.

Another aspect of Fall fashion is rustic. Anything that pairs with pumpkins, colorful fall leaves, apple pies and haystacks is a charming choice. Richer hues such as burgundy, emerald and navy blue look beautiful this time of year. Rock a navy blue lace dress and contrast the feminine textile with a rugged leather or suede, camel colored boot.


Channel your inner winter princess with lace. A quarter length sleeve or long sleeved dress under warm layers is a charming ensemble for the cool winter air - worn for anything from casual outings to dressy events.  Again, the black lace from your fall wardrobe still works for winter. Because winter is so festive however, your wardrobe can turn up the color a bit now; adding a brighter red lace to your lineup will match the joy of the season and the bright family and friend gatherings you’ll be attending. If you’re looking to be even more daring and memorable as a winter princess? Rock winter white lace and all white layers for a magical “frozen” look, from head to toe.

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