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4 Cool Ways to Style Activewear this Summer

by Tina Bryant 25 Jun 2019

If you are totally obsessed with activewear, lucky for you – today, activewear doesn't have to be used for sports activities only; it will have you covered for all the occasions on your calendar. Here’re some cool ideas on how to style funky printed leggings and sports bras to have a chic, trendy look this summer.

Casual Look

Activewear has become a staple for creating a casual look because it's super cute and affordable. Choose some solid colored leggings and tops if you prefer a classic, base color. Black or navy blue leggings with a printed waistband are perfect to match with a denim jacket, flip-flops or sneakers. If you're a snappy dresser and a vibrant print is everything for you, then choose from a diversity of adorable floral prints, amazing animal prints, and inspirational boho patterns. Bold colors will make you stand out in a crowd. Mix a sports bra with a tank top to add a note of relaxation to your look. Activewear is key to having a comfortable and trendy look when meeting your friends, traveling, etc.


Chic Party Look

Activewear are versatile clothes. Stylish party outfits with funky printed leggings are proof that activewear has reached a new level in fashion. Chic floral printed leggings pair wonderfully with heels and a crochet, off the shoulder top. If you have a less formal occasion, then pair some blue or black glitter print leggings with sandals and a cute hat. If you have a pool party on your calendar, grab printed palazzo pants; their relaxed style goes perfectly with a swim bra and sunshine. You won’t go wrong wearing  palazzo pants this summer.


Sporty Look

Whatever activities we do, everyone wants to look stunning while running, working out, practicing yoga, or having a dance class. Comfy activewear is a priority. Kick up your cardio in a high support sports bra or squat in high waisted stretchy leggings that you can wear after the gym to the streets. You can still look adorable after hard training, and a bold outfit will give you that energy to feel uplifted.


Comfy Home Apparel

What’s better than a soft pajama?  Right, these are soft leggings that are super stretchy and flatter you perfectly well; you just forget you’re wearing pants at all. Sounds like happiness clothing. Haha! Activewear is becoming a larger part of people's everyday wardrobes. One should add a pair of leggings (if you haven’t already) to their home apparel arsenal to feel as comfortable as one can after a hectic day. Mix leggings with a loose tee or a tunic, even with a sports bra; it’s up to you.


We show you how many different looks you can create having a pair of leggings and a top. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination. Stock up on some more printed outfits and slay wherever you go. And remember: You are beautiful!

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