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Pick of the Week – A Piece of Sun

by Tina Bryant 30 Jun 2019

What’s better than feeling the sun kisses on your skin? Of course, wear a soft lemon print outfit that feels like a second skin. Yaas! The “A Piece of Sun” yellow citrus print has become a pick of the week. No matter what the weather is, #happyinpineapple girls are sunshine and radiate good vibes all the way. Style lemon printed leggings, a top or a dress up to your bold sense of fashion, just don’t forget to embellish your look with a beautiful smile. That’s it! You’ll be a point of total admiration like an adorable sunrise. Girls, let’s squeeze out everything possible of this summer!

"I love this cute lemon print. Just wearing this set puts me in a good mood." -


"Loving these leggings from @pineappleclothing_com!" -


"Flexin’🍋🍋 in this set!" -


"I am LOVING this sunshine ☀️ 🍋" -


"My favorite activewear for summer practice!" -


"Stretching in my leggings and sports bra. Super fun sctivewear with super fun patterns💛" -


"Feeling herself today in this super comfy and fashionable outfit!" -


"Couldn’t go to the beach without my pineapple clothing!💛" -


"I love my lemon leggings and matching shirt. They are super comfy and cute! I can do just about anything in these leggings!" -


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