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5 Easy to Wear Camping Outfits That are so Stylish

by Tina Bryant 26 Apr 2019

The sun has come out, finally, and you’re planning to be out of town over the weekend. If you decided to camp somewhere in the woods or on the lake bank with your friends, make sure you have packed everything necessary – a tent, a plaid, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and cool outfits – especially if you’re a fashion girl.

Here are 5 of the coolest outfits that are perfect for sunny days to come, and are easy to pack, too.

Outfit #1: You can never truly go wrong with a pair of comfortable leggings and a soft t-shirt. Go with your own vibe - put on the Ethno Chic printed leggings and a free-spirited designer t-shirt. This adorable boho duo will make you stand out in the crowd. This two-piece outfit will make you stay comfy while you’re setting up your campsite with your friends. If the weather allows, put on a sports yoga bra for easier movements. A sports bra is essential for such kind of activities.

Outfit #2: This weekend, be the sunshine. Our yellow lemon printed high-waisted leggings would be like a bright sunbeam of your camping wardrobe. A cute colored tee and a sports bra is the perfect pick to complete your look. You’ll feel effortlessly cool in this bold combo. It pairs well with a camping mat, beautiful landscapes, and a glass of lemonade. Haha! Genius!

Outfit #3: Just because you might be forgoing your standard everyday regimen for a few days doesn’t mean you have to leave your personal style at home. Let your outdoor adventures start with the Wild & Free leopard print leggings or capris and a funky printed tee. This wild-and-free look will make you getting dressed chic and simple.

Outfit #4: Camping can be stylish! Pack our Kaleidoscope printed yoga pants and fashionably colored white t-shirt to show off your edgy and girly sides. These amazing pieces will have you outdoors in style. If you decide to meditate the print will inspire you and will reflect the energy you need.

Outfit #5: Our Island Life palm print is an easy transition from the city fuss to harmony with nature. If you have these tropically colored items in your camping list, you will wow your friends, no doubts. An adorable pink flamingo pattern will make your friends amazed. Admire a peachy pink sunset and enjoy every moment of your life.


Evenings on the lake bank or in the wood can be chillier than you might expect. So make sure to pack a knitted sweater or a jacket to keep you warm when you need it.


Share with us your #happyinpineapple camping looks! After all, if you didn’t post on Instagram while you’re out there, did you really go? 

xo  ❤️

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