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Mommy Daughter Date Ideas

by Mary Visconti 23 Apr 2019

As a busy mompreneur, mom boss or mom exec, it can be easy to let time fly by. Soon you’ll look up and your baby will be all grown up! It’s important to know that in today’s hectic times, it takes real effort and planning to spend quality time with the ones we love. So plan out a mommy-daughter date day with your mini me! Here are some great ideas for spending time with your daughter in ways that you’ll both love - and look back on years later when you reminisce about your good times together.

Go for a Bike Ride, a Hike, or Hit the Beach

There’s nothing like bonding over an energizing bike ride through the neighborhood or local trails. Get your blood flowing and breath in the great outdoors - hop on some bikes, go on a nature hike at your local park - or, if you’re lucky enough, hit the beach and go for a swim. If you live somewhere where you can, try going kayaking or paddleboarding. Not only is it a great way to bond, you’ll also be instilling the importance of unplugging from social media and tech and appreciating mother nature. It will also establish the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. All plusses!

Play a Sport or a Game

There’s nothing that bonds more than a good game. Whatever you both enjoy - whether it’s tennis, basketball, soccer or volleyball - or if it’s marco polo in the pool, hide and seek or Uno, get into the spirit of fun and play a game together!

Do Some Yoga

Bonding with your daughter while also teaching her proper breathing techniques, stretches and mindfulness? That’s how boss moms really get it all done! Take a yoga class together! If your daughter needs a little incentive to doing yoga, make it a thing - get some cute new yoga gear for the class. Rock matching mother daughter yoga leggings and tops, get her a cute new yoga mat and water bottle and watch her get excited about this new adventure!

Learn Something New Together

Whether it’s a new language via language apps, youtube videos or classes, a pottery class, a painting or drawing class, An indoor rock climbing session, an archery lesson, a horseback riding lesson or dance lesson or any new skill whatsoever, learning something together helps build strong bonds. Think about her experience in school and your own experience - there’s a reason why school friendships sometimes last the tests of time. You all went through something together and you’ll always look back on those common experiences. Plus, you’ll show your daughter that you’re not the know-it-all parent she might think of you as sometimes. She’ll appreciate being, for once, at the same level as you as you begin learning the new skill. And if you choose something you’re both interested in, you’ll both have a new life skill to use!

Let Her Teach You Something

Kids are used to mom being in charge all the time, telling them what to do and what not to do. This can be a challenge to overcome when you’re trying to establish a strong bond and friendship with your daughter. Why not switch the roles and let her teach you something? If your daughter is really good at something, see if she’ll be willing to teach you! Maybe she plays the piano, takes ballet or flamenco, maybe she’s a great soccer player or maybe she’s a gamer that slays in video games - whatever she’s into, take the opportunity to let her teach you! Watching you mess up will definitely give her a few laughs but it will also show her that you’re interested in what she cares about and that you’re willing to be open to listen. In turn, you’ll learn more about your daughter and her interests - bringing you two closer together than ever before!

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