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5 Extracurricular Activities your Kids Should be Involved In

by Rebecca Gold 30 Sep 2020

While it may seem like your child has plenty going on at school within their regular school day, they can actually get so much more satisfaction and fulfillment from extracurricular activities. Oftentimes, the regular coursework is made up of required topics. Your child usually has little say when it comes to which classes they take. 

Extracurricular activities give them a chance to explore other interests and disciplines. They will get to choose new things to learn and participate in, allowing them to meet other like-minded kids who are into what they’re into. They’ll be able to develop skills in new activities that could end up being their passion later on! Here are 5 extra-curricular activities you can consider getting your child involved in: 

Dance Classes


Dance has so many benefits for kids. It teaches them coordination, rhythm, discipline, dedication and artistic expression. There is a wide selection of dance types - everything from hip hop to jazz and ballet, african dance and flamenco, traditional folk dances, ballroom, salsa and latin dance, even Irish dance. Whatever your child is interested in, there is a class for them! They’ll get the health benefits and the brain benefits associated with dance while also forging strong bonds with their classmates and learning the importance of hard work to reach their goals. All this will give them a confidence boost and a positive body image. Be sure to stock up on the appropriate dancewear for your child. Printed dance leggings and loose tops are always ideal to allow for freedom of movement! 


Chess Club

Chess is an amazing extracurricular activity to have your child be a part of. Chess teaches the players how to think strategically. To play well and to win, you must develop strong foresight and be able to see multiple steps and multiple possibilities before they even happen. The lessons learned when playing this game are highly applicable to success in life!



Whether it’s volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, softball, baseball or any other sport, this has to be one of the best extra-curricular activities for kids. It keeps them fit, engaged, teaches them the payoff of hard work, dedication, personal accountability, teamwork and so much more. Sports help your child create bonds and friendships in a very healthy way, teaching them how to trust others and be accountable to live up to the trust they were given. There are also many life lessons and positive habits that come from playing sports that will help your kids have high chances of success later in life. Be sure to stock up on all necessary uniforms and extra activewear for them to use for practices.



Theater helps kids learn about themselves and about their identities. It’s a perfect way to have your child deal with any shyness they may have about speaking in front of people. Auditioning and getting up on stage takes guts, so they’ll also learn courage and fighting through your fears. Theater teaches you dedication, patience, self-expression and teamwork as you work with others in the cast. Who knows, your child may end up developing a real passion for acting!


Painting & Drawing

Art classes are an amazing way for kids to learn a new skill that allows them to express themselves. They’ll learn about proportions, angles and colors. Working on art makes you see the world differently, forcing you to pay attention to the details in life. Who knows, maybe your child will make a profession out of the skill they learn in their art classes one day!

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