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5 Ways to Wear Biker Shorts This Summer

by Tina Bryant 16 Jul 2019

Biker shorts are the It-trend this summer, and we see them pretty much everywhere. Cycling shorts are summer must-haves, besides that, they are super comfy and stretchy. Nothing is better, right? If you have seen how celebrities wear these stretchy shorts for different occasions, but are still unsure about how to style shorts in real life - then read on the blog. We have put together 5 different ways for you to inspire you to create a perfect summer outfit.

Biker Shorts with a Matching Sports Bra (Sporty Look) - Wear biker shorts as a coordinated two-piece set. The look is athletic yet somehow refined. A matching set is the perfect choice in which to do yoga in the back yard and transition to the beach. Add some essentials to complete the summer vibe: a headband, sneakers, and cat-eye glasses. 

Biker Shorts with a Cropped Top - If you don’t like matching pieces, then pair shorts with a cropped top or a mismatching sports bra. Choose some glitter print biker shorts and wear them with black strapped top. You’ll see how sexy this athleisure look can be, especially when worn in a bright pop of color. 

Biker Shorts with a Matching Sports Bra (Casual Look) - These shorts, great for wearing every day, bring optimal comfort. A matching two-piece set is ideal to wear while you’re strolling around the city. Pair a set with sneakers; add your fave details to make the look totally chic. Trust us – no one can resist a leopard print set. This activewear piece will have you covered from beach to bonfire. 

Biker Shorts with a Denim Jacket - To get an extra on-trend look, pair your biker shorts with a cropped top and a denim jacket. Rock a vintage look while meeting with your friends or having a brunch party or for some other interesting events on your calendar. Navy blue unicorn print biker shorts are the perfect complement to your old-school denim. 

Biker Shorts with a T-shirt - Just pair your cycling shorts with a designer tee to get a sophisticated summer look. If you like an oversized t-shirt, then tie your top in front; pair shorts with some white sneaks and giant matching socks. Nothing can dim your shine in the glam biker shorts.

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