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Summer Family Photoshoot Ideas

by Mary Visconti 18 Jul 2019

Warm weather, sunshine and outdoor activities - it’s the perfect moment to spend time with your family and friends, jump in a pool, visit a beach and soak in the fun. This is why many families choose to plan their annual family reunions during the summer. The time of year also presents an opportunity to make lasting memories - like, really lasting. That means family photoshoot time! Planning a family photoshoot is a wonderful way to commemorate your family’s bond for generations to come. You’ll always have a physical memento of the memories that you can frame and pass on to your kids. At a loss for what sort of photoshoot to decide on? Here are some fun family photoshoot ideas for a summer shoot:

Picnic Day Shoot

Pack up some cute picnic baskets and head to the outdoors. Whether it’s in the woods or in a clearing at a local park, or maybe you have some grassy hills nearby, choose a picturesque green setting and use the picnic theme for a cute photoshoot location. You can either hire a professional photographer or bring a tripod and use a timer on a good camera to take your own pics. Maybe you have a drone - this works perfectly, too, for aerial shots. Mom and daughter can wear coordinating outfits. For a picnic shoot, you could either do a casual theme or you can do a semi-dressy theme. Mommy and daughter could wear some nice, matching shift dresses with a bow in the hair and some flats while father and son can rock matching trousers and polos. Pack a picnic blanket or sheet that looks good on camera and some good looking food in those picnic baskets - such as oranges and bananas, maybe an apple pie and some sandwiches. The best part is the contents of the picnic baskets double as props and as your lunch for the day! 

Playground Shoot

If you’ve got young kids, the playground is the perfect place to do a family photoshoot. They’ll have a place they can be entertained and look genuinely happy on camera - not sulky and pouty because you made them do a boring shoot in some uncomfortable dress clothes and a stuffy location. If you bring a photographer, it will free you up to get on the playground with your kids and get action shots of you going down the slide with them, hanging on the monkey bars and pushing them on the swing. Dressing casual works best here. A pair of matching printed leggings + a cute, vibrantly colored top for mommy and daughter will look adorable. Father and son can rock matching printed tees and some cargo shorts. Or maybe you can all wear a matching tee with the last name or each individual’s name on it. 

Beach Shoot

This is a classic summer location that looks amazing for every family. Head to a local beach - preferable around sunset or sunup for the best lighting. Beachy white is a classically gorgeous choice that matches the tropical setting and looks good flowing in the wind. But if you’ve got young kids, keeping those whites white might be a challenge. You can also opt to dress the family in vibrant colors - mom and daughter can don matching sundresses or palazzo pants + flouncy floral tops. Dad and son can look dashing in airy linen button ups, loose, beachy trousers and flip flops. 

Lakes, Waterfalls and Rivers 

If you don’t have a beach nearby, any body of water will look great. If it’s a local lake that happens to have a bench or a bridge nearby, it can look very picturesque for a family. If you have a local creek, stream, spring or river - or even if you’re lucky enough to be close to a waterfall, all these locations are perfect for a family setting. All these locations call for semi dressy attire - so light, airy maxi dresses or skirts + tank tops for the girls and light, airy trousers and polos for the boys make the family look put together and ready for the moment! 

Whatever you choose, make sure you choose a setting and location that matches your family’s character. Are you a family that loves doing water activities like kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and more? Choosing a body of water is the perfect fit. If your family loves to travel and go on vacation, the beach is your spot. Are you an active family that loves games and fun? The playground is your best bet. Commemorating your time together as a family should be fun - not a drag, and not fake. Make the best of it and let your true personalities shine through!

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