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Activewear Trends for Winter 2018/2019

by Rebecca Gold 26 Dec 2018

Fabrics That Are Harmless To The Environment

Times when fabric could be harmful to the environment are all gone. Now, people are more aware of the dangers that our world faces. Thus, the fashion industry is much more concerned about making products that not only are safe for nature but also are accepted by vegans. Pineapple’s products are made from sustainable materials; while waste is reduced through manufacturing, reusing and recycling. Our eco-friendly production is earth-friendly, not harmful to the environment, vegan and cruelty-free. Besides, we use only the highest-quality, luxury fabrics and raw materials to create each and every piece. Our leggings and more are made from durable fabrics so you can use them again and again.

Relatively Intense Colors

The world is fed up with all those plain boring activewear colors. Today sportswear can have a mix of vibrant colors and still not cross the line of too much craziness. When those vivid colors are thoroughly combined you can wear it and call it a fashion statement!

Animal Prints

Animal print has always been here with us but as all trends – it comes and leaves within years. From the beginning of 2018 it started penetrating more and more into all items of clothes once again, leggings and sports bras included! This year’s Fashion weeks were swarming with all kinds of animal prints such as leopard, tiger, zebra and many more. We decided to go a bit extra here and add lion, wolf, deer and kitten animal prints so that you could choose something that matches your personality the most.

Floral Prints

Floral print has been associated mostly with summer dresses until recently. At this time you’ll look terrific in any floral leggings whether it’s daisies, peonies or roses. On top of it all, it’s pretty cool to match with the natural surroundings when you pair the pants with a solid top and boots. Looking classic yet stylish, isn’t it what you’ve been craving for?

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