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Jetsetting in Style: Cute and Comfy Airport Outfits

by Tina Bryant 21 Dec 2018

Going somewhere? At the end of the year going into the beginning of a new one, who isn’t? If you’re trying to catch flights (not feelings) this season, you’ll have a lot to remember when it comes to packing and scheduling. Once you’ve got your itinerary in your inbox, your passport in hand and your bags packed, don’t then drop the ball when it comes to your travel outfits. What you wear to the airport can make or break how smooth your flying will be.

Airport Outfit Goals

While traveling, you should be dressed with these main factors in mind: comfort and convenience - looking cute is just the frosting on the cake. You’ll also want to be sure to LAYER. This will allow you to adapt to changing temperatures you’ll be dealing with; whether the place you’re leaving is hot or cold, your airport terminal and the airplane itself might be a different story.

Your goals are to get from point A to B comfortably and quickly. Continuing to keep practicality in mind, remember this: you’ll be walking quickly (or maybe even running if there’s a change of gates or if you’re late) - so wearing high heels is probably not your best bet. Not even celebrities do it, so why makes things harder? Also, you’ll be taking your shoes off and putting them back on - so sneakers or slide on flat shoes are ideal for zipping quickly through that TSA line. Lastly - you’re probably going to need to use the bathroom at some point, so stay away from jumpsuits that connect your whole body’s outfit. A two piece outfit is ideal so you can run in the bathroom stall, finish up, zip up or pull up quickly and be done instead of having to fiddle with an entire bodysuit. Plan ahead with these comfy, convenient and cute outfits:

Leggings, Sneakers, a Loose Top and a Jean Jacket

This is a great casual choice that also just looks adorable and cute. Rock some black leggings, a light colored shirt, jean jacket and white sneakers with your hair up in a ponytail - or if you want to get more vibrant, rock some colorful, printed leggings to pair with neutrals and solids up top.


Quarter Length or Half Sleeve Top + Jeans or Stretchy Bottoms

If you can’t or forgot to bring a sweater or jacket for outerwear, the perfect balance between short and long is a cute quarter sleeve blouse or a half sleeve blouse. Pair it however you like - vibrant and printed paired with a toned down pair of black or dark jeans or leggings or swap the order; pair a solid colored blouse with a patterned printed legging. If you want to go for a sophisticated look, do a black pant and a lace quarter sleeve top.


Sleeveless Dressy Top, Pant + Long Coat or Duster

A loose fitting sleeveless top with a pant is a comfy look that can serve you well if you end up in a hot, stuffy airplane cabin or if you’re leaving or going to a hot destination. However, if the air vent above you is pushing out a little too much cool air or if the terminal is just freezing, your long duster or coat will give you that extra layer of warmth you need. Rock with some short, comfortable booties or other flats to complete the look.


Short Shift Dress + Long Coat

A loose fitting short shift dress can also be a great option and an alternative to pants. Rock a sleeved or printed sleeveless shift dress with some sneakers and a maxi, floor-length coat or duster for another versatile outfit that is airy, breathable and light, easy to maneuver in and comfy. If you go for a vibrant fun printed shift dress, choose solid-colored outerwear or swap that order for a nice, contrasted look.

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