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Adorable Mommy and Me Twinning Looks for Easter

by Ivanna Griner 31 Mar 2018

With Easter fast approaching, Spring fashion is coming into focus fast. Winter coats are getting tucked away and everything is moving towards lighter, more joyful colors and styles! Easter Sunday typically means more social events and family gatherings, photo opportunities and special, memorable moments. You and your daughter will need to dress for the occasion. This year, go for something adorable and memorable that you’ll both look back on for years to come: Do a coordinating mommy and me matching look! The key to making it work for both of you is choosing a look that transcends age and can look great on a woman as well as a little girl. Here are some great options that work both for mommy and daughter on Easter Sunday.

Floral Printed Mommy and Me Matching Dresses

By now, the snow has melted and everything is in revival mode. If you’re going to do spring fashion, do it all the way! Floral is the quintessential print for spring. Go for a gorgeous blue Easter dress for a little girl with a splash of vibrant red, beige and pink roses as an eye catching, joyful look that you can match for yourself easily. Or, if you’re looking for more demure, toned down yet beautiful church dresses for you and your mini sidekick, a navy blue empire waist dress with periwinkle floral print will make for a delicate, feminine look for both of you.

Lace Mommy and Me Easter Dresses

While lace is a year round textile that works in every season, there’s something extra delicate and ethereal about it when worn in Spring. Spring is about soft, delicate things like fluffy rabbits and baby chicks, sweet, creamy Cadbury eggs, dew on newly grown grass and tulip bulbs sprouting in gardens. Lace fits in perfectly with this feel, offering a soft, delicate, demure look for mother daughter matching dresses for Easter while adding a touch of elegance that’s perfect for family and church events. Find matching long sleeve or quarter length lace dresses with an empire waist for a breezy, fun feel, or go sleeveless for those sunny spring days. Matching lace shift dresses make great Easter dresses for women and girls alike. They look extra elegant, perhaps  even presidential for those afternoons when the family and friends get together for portraits and family photos that are bound to be hung up above the fireplace or stairwell.

A Family Affair

It doesn’t just have to be mommy and me; get the entire family involved! Coordinated family photos are beloved moments that turn into treasured memories later on in life. Plan it out! Mommy and daughter can rock matching dresses while Daddy and son wear matching suits, if the photo is formal, or matching casual outfits if you’re going for a more laid back family look. You can all coordinate different silhouettes and garments while rocking the same colors or color combinations. You can even do an ombre dress code where you arrange the different family members in different shades of the same hue, positioning them in an ombre layout. If the family look is more casual, the girls and mom can rock matching printed leggings with the same or different tops. The possibilities are endless! The point is to find your family look and own it at all the church, family and friend events this spring while also showcasing your individual styles.

Adorable Mommy and Me Twinning Looks for Easter

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