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Aligning with November: This month's Crystals, Herbs, Flowers, Colors and More

by Rebecca Gold 10 Nov 2021

It’s the penultimate month of the year - November. The eleventh month on the calendar is about all things cozy; it’s about family, food, folklore, crisp autumn air, colorful leaves and warm, rustic colors and textures.

These days, especially with social media being a factor,  it’s easy to get caught up thinking about what’s next and what you’re missing in other places or other moments. Some of us find ourselves in mid winter, dreaming about those hot summer days when you could be sun-soaking in the sand at a beach somewhere. Try to take in now. Try to remember moments when you longed for the lovely feeling November brings. Make a conscious effort to appreciate the present by celebrating all that is November! Here are this month’s specialties so you can align your energy with the season and the month.

The November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

The November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

Topaz is a beautiful stone that comes in a rainbow of colors. Citrine has an enchanting yellow and orange glow. Both November birthstones are believed to have calming energies and are believed to attract fortune and warmth to the wearer. These stones pair well with November textures and colors.

November Textures and Colors

November Textures and Colors

By this month, Fall is in full swing. Your November colors and textures exude warmth and comfort. For your November wardrobe, incorporate burnt oranges and yellows paired with muted neutrals like beige, tan, taupe, or dusty mauves. Hunter greens, olives and black are also wonderful hues to add to your November closet.

Fall floral prints look amazing for November events and outings, too! Think floral-printed tunic tops and dresses, or floral-printed leggings and a soft knit cardigan. Tribal prints, lace, sheer fabrics and rich satin fabrics give that November luxe feel.

Make sure you incorporate a good amount of outerwear, too...this month is all about layering to take on those crisp fall breezes. In-season pieces and textures: Corduroy shackets, plaid fleece and button-downs, jean jackets, faux leather jackets, sheer leggings paired with boots and khaki. Soft knits are the ultimate November cozy feel and pair well with cute printed leggings!

November Flowers and Herbs

November Flowers and Herbs

Harvesting in-season herbs is a great way to celebrate the month. Parsley, Rosemary and thyme are all November herbs we’re sure you’ll end up seeing on that Thanksgiving table spread.

The November birth flower is the chrysanthemum. It is one of the most popular cut flowers worldwide due to its wide variety. Available in a huge spectrum of colors, these flowers are believed to bring good luck and joy.

November Holidays

November Holidays

Another magical thing about November is the fun array of holidays this month brings. Everyone knows Thanksgiving for America, but this month is festive almost all the way through:

  • November 1st is All Saint’s Day, a Catholic holiday celebrating the Saints of the church.
  • November 1-2 is Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday that honors the ancestors and loved ones who have passed away. 
  • Diwali starts on November 4th and is a major religious festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists, notably Newar Buddhists.
  • Other holidays include National Stout Beer Day, National Candy Day, National Cinnamon Day, of course, Thanksgiving and right after, Black Friday. 

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